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October 2019
Barbara Settles, HDFS professor, pictured with her HDFS422 students, at their fall semester poster presentation event
Dear HDFS community,

This month we highlight our departmental focus on disabilities. HDFS is a pioneer in this area: our curriculum incorporates a focus on disabilities into undergraduate and graduate offerings and we help support the Disabilities minor which is the largest minor at UD. Significantly, we are celebrating an enormous achievement: the 75th Leadership Institute offered by the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities. Please join me in congratulating Steve Eidelman and Nancy Weiss for all the important work that they do!
Bahira Sherif Trask, HDFS department chair
Program Spotlights
This month, the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities will offer their 75th week-long Leadership Institute. HDFS faculty member, Steve Eidelman and Health Sciences faculty member, Nancy Weiss established The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware in 2006 to support disability leaders internationally to create, foster, and reinvent organizations to provide quality supports and self-directed lives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The National Leadership Consortium is a collaboration of the seventeen largest national intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.The focus of the Leadership Institutes is the shift from congregate services (those provided to people with disabilities in group homes, center-based day programs, sheltered workshops, etc.) to those offering individualized supports that meet the wants and needs of each person supported. Read more.
Leadership Institutes have been provided across the U.S. in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas and internationally in central Europe, British Columbia, Ontario, and Israel. To date, more than 2,000 emerging leaders have participated in Leadership Institutes which are designed to support the organizational and culture changes essential to assuring access to full lives characterized by personal autonomy and control.
HDFS associate professor, Rena Hallam, along with SOE professor, Laura Eisenman, will be conducting the second Hawaii winter session study abroad program in 2020. Hawaii provides a rich multicultural environment in which to study the area of disability and diversity. Students may choose from a Disability Studies course, a School to Adult Life Transitions and Disability course and a Families and Developmental Disabilities course.

In addition to an enriching course curriculum, students will have lots of opportunities to explore, hike, and enjoy an assortment of local activities.
Alumni in the News
Amanda Rich PhD '12, is currently a Human Services associate professor at York College of Pennsylvania, where she works alongside an amazing team of colleagues and students. She served as the coordinator of the program from 2015-2019. She teaches Introduction to Human Services, Theory and Policy in Human Services, Designing and Evaluating Social Programs, Diversity and Family Systems, Trauma Informed Care in Human Services and the Senior Seminar in Human Services. Read more.
In 2018, Amanda founded a small business called Open Road Inclusive Community Consulting LLC which provides consulting, trainings and technical assistance and support for organizations that are working to promote more inclusive, healthier, more just and more connected communities. She primarily supports organizations in the areas of stakeholder engagement, program evaluation, policy analysis and research translation to help organizations develop systems to better listen to and use the information they receive from those most impacted by their work to more effectively and efficiently find and use good information to inform their programmatic decisions. She also helps to translate existing academic research into formats that are more accessible to a wide variety of audience. Most recently Open Road has done work for State early childhood networks and the National Alliance for Dual Diagnosis. 
Director of Research & Evaluation for the National Leadership Consortium, Caitlin Bailey '10 HS, '15MS, oversees all research and evaluation activities, and supports the strategic development of the Leadership Consortium. In that role, she leads a longitudinal research project, studying the impact of the National Leadership Consortium training and development programs (including the Leadership Institutes) on the development of leaders in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities services and supports. Caitlin was recently elected Chair/President of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals. We congratulate Caitlin on the 75th Leadership Institute offering this month and thank her for all of her contributions to help make this happen. Caitlin will also complete the HDFS PhD program, earning her doctorate at the end of the semester.
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