Residence Hall Check-In | Oct. 2, 2020
In order to keep our campus residents up to date on policy changes and information regarding COVID-19, we'll be sending frequent emails throughout the fall semester.

Please feel free to contact a member of our staff if you have questions or concerns. At the bottom of this message you'll find a list of helpful resources.
In response to changes made to the spring 2021 academic calendar, adjustments have been made to the residence hall opening and closing dates. Changes are listed below and have also been updated in the Residence Hall Handbook.

With the move of the first day of classes back six days to Monday, Jan. 25, the residence halls will officially open at noon Friday, Jan. 22, with the first meal being dinner on Jan. 22. Students will sign up for a specific move-in day and time in early January.

Students have the option to move into their permanent residence hall assignment earlier than the official opening date starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20. Students moving into the residence halls prior to Jan. 22 will be charged a daily fee covering housing and most meals. Meals for early move-in students will begin with lunch on Jan. 20.

Students needing to move into the residence halls prior to Jan. 20 will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. Meals prior to Jan. 20 will be available only if a dining center is serving.

If space allows, students living in halls other than Moore or Marlatt can apply for a winter break housing contract. If approved, the resident will be required to move to Moore or Marlatt for the duration of their break period contract.

There are two winter break housing periods: 

  • Winter Break 1: noon Saturday, Dec. 12, to 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10 
  • Winter Break 2: midnight Monday, Jan. 11, to noon Friday, Jan. 22 

You may add or cancel either of the break period options prior to the Monday before the break begins to be charged or credited the amount for that break period. To add or cancel a break period, please email Housing and Dining Services from your K-State email account at housing@k-state.edu. Adjustments may take up to two weeks to appear in your KSIS account. Learn more about winter break housing.

With the elimination of spring break, the residence halls will not close during the spring semester. The halls will close at the end of the spring semester finals week (noon Saturday, May 15, 2021). 
Residents will have the option of residing in their hall or staying at their permanent residence during the remote instruction period between fall and winter breaks.

To help us gauge the necessary level of services and staffing, we ask that you provide an unofficial indication of your intentions by completing the survey that will arrive by email in the next few weeks. In early November, you will be asked to complete an online form confirming your plans.  

Campus life can be stressful, especially when class assignments and tests intensify as the semester continues. Don’t forget you have access to awesome resources on campus!