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2762 Horsford's Acid Phosphate; For Indigestion, Nervousness, Physical & Mental Exhaustion.
Rumford Chemical Works.
Providence, RI: Rumford Chemical Works, c. 1880's. Cards. 15.5 x 7 cm. Color lithograph folding pamphlet. Dr. E.B. Horsford had invented baking powder in the mid 1800's and as the... (#2762)
Price: $50.00  
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
c. 1920. Loose_leaf. 28 x 20 cm. Illustrated broadside put forward in the summer of 1920 to urge their Policyholders to be proactive about the dangers of flies. Crease to... (#2763)
Price: $40.00  
2764 Don't Lose Your Youth and Charm!; You can have "it" at forty.
The Scott & Fetzer Co.
Cleveland, Ohio: The Scott & Fetzer Co., c. 1925. Loose_leaf. 19.5 x 10 cm. - folded, 31 x 30 cm. open. Photo illustrated vacuum cleaner promoting health and sanitation through... (#2764)
Price: $35.00  
1975 [NUTRITION] [HERBS] Herbs for First-Aid and Minor Ailments; Drawing by Alison Ross.
Northamptonshire: Thorsons Publishers Limited, 1972. Paperback. 64 pages. 17 x 11 cm. A brief history of herbs and their uses from the Dark Ages, through the Middle Ages, to modern... (#1975)
Price: $30.00  
2761 More Light; (Shredded Wheat Biscuit).
The Natural Food Co.
Niagara Falls, NY: The Natural Food Co., c. 1903. Staplebound. Unpaginated (16pp.) 13 x 7.5 cm. Emphasizing "More Light" on the subject of natural food products, the makers of the... (#2761)
Price: $30.00  
2638 Diet For Booksellers; Being A Special Edition of Eat, Drink & Be Healthy.
Lieb, Clarence W.
New York: The John Day Company, 1928. Hardcover. 180 pages. 19 x 13.5 cm. Limited edition, 1 of 250 printed for the bookselling trade - "which no copies are for... (#2638)
Price: $175.00  
2755 A Sign of Good Health - Freihofer's Egg Macaroni.
Freihofer Baking Co.
Philadelphia: Freihofer Baking Co., c. early 1920's. Staplebound. Unpaginated (16 pp.) 13.5 x 8.5 cm. 26 recipes utilizing Freihofer Egg Spaghetti, Macaroni, Egg Soup Pastels, and Bread Crumbs. Illustrated throughout... (#2755)
Price: $75.00  
2756 For vital vitamins - the world's most important source among all foods...; The search for.
The T.A. Snider Preserve Co.
1925. Staplebound. 22 pages. 15 x 11 cm. Snider Catsup Company asserts their catsup can be a "vital importance in the diet" for everyone in the family, including infants. Snider's... (#2756)
Price: $35.00  
1992 [MEDICINE] [REMEDIES] [QUACKERY] Short Account of Sir Astley Cooper's Vital Restorative,; the Only Acknowledged Successful.
Harvey & Co.
London: Harvey & Co., 1864. Hardcover. 48 pages, (4). 16.5 x 10.5 cm. "The Guide to Manly Vigour." A promotional treatise advocating a remedy for "the forms of Indigestion and... (#1992)
Price: $75.00  
2757 Dry Yeast as an Aid to Health.
Northwestern Yeast Co.
Chicago: Northwestern Yeast Co., c. 1920. Staplebound. 12 pages. 15 x 10 cm. As food production was starting to be taken out of the home, yeast producers needed a way... (#2757)
Price: $30.00  
2758 Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, For Children; Brown's Bronchial Troches, For Coughs and Colds.
Jeremiah Curtis & Sons.
New York: Jeremiah Curtis & Sons, 1869. String. 31 pages. 16 x 10 cm. This pamphlet was a mixture of many things, most of them false. The front page presents... (#2758)
Price: $75.00  
2759 Keeping Your Child Fit.
The Borden Company.
New York: The Borden Company, c. 1923. Staplebound. 24 pages. 16.5 x 11 cm. A comprehensive pamphlet extolling the virtues of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk as the solution for malnutrition... (#2759)
Price: $35.00  
2760 Wholesome Dishes for Invalids; Made with WARD'S BREAD.
Ward Baking Co.
New York: Ward Baking Co., 1922. Staplebound. Unpaginated (12 pp.) 12.5 x 7 cm. Charming pamphlet filled with "nursery food" emphasizing Ward's bread. Known for their Tip-Top bread, this Brooklyn... (#2760)
Price: $20.00  
London: Perry Davis & Son, c. 1890. Cards. 11.5 x 7.5 cm. British/European Branch trade card. Legend has it, Perry Davis concocted his "all vegetable" patent medicine in 1839 after... (#2495)
Price: $100.00  
2525 A New Family Herbal: Or Popular Account of The Natures and Properties of the Various.
Thornton, Robert John M.D.
London: Richard Phillips, 1810. Hardcover. 901 pages. 22 x 13.5 cm. 261 engravings. Although Thornton studied medicine, his passion was botany. Thornton was best known for the unique collection of... (#2525)
Price: $325.00  
1367 [HEALTH] [TRADE CATALOGUE] Pastilles Valda. Les Yoghis aux Indes.
Paris: c.1914. Wraps. [Paris: Pastilles Valda, 1914?] 32 pages. Color pictorial wrappers. Illustrations throughout. Promotional booklet for this line of pills, with three-page illustrated introductory essay on Indian Yoghis and... (#1367)
Price: $85.00  
766 [HEALTH] [DIET] Treatise On Food and Diet; with observations on the dietetical regimen suited for.
Pereira, Jonathan.
New York: Fowlers and Wells, Publishers, 1850. First American Edition. Hardcover. 23 x 15 cm. 318 pages. A fascinating look into the world of nutrition in the mid 1800's, including... (#766)
Price: $75.00  

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