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Ensure Your Employees Are Protected!
While we realize that it's best not to have our employees work outside in high temperatures, unfortunately the nature of certain jobs sometimes makes it unavoidable. When this happens, a worker's body temperature can rise to dangerously high levels and put them at risk of serious health complications.

As an employer, you have the duty to take every reasonable precaution to protect your workers. Under the General Duty Clause, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Act of 1970, employers are required to provide a workplace free from potential hazards that can cause or are likely to cause death or serious harm to employees, including heat-related hazards.

This Heat Illness Guide and Prevention Program is designed to provide a background on heat illnesses, including how the body handles heat, the different types of heat illnesses and specific risk factors. Additionally, the resources found at the end of this guide will detail safety and prevention controls, and will provide your organization with real policies and strategies to help ensure a safe and healthy workforce.

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This document was taken from a library of resources that is available to all clients. As a client of IA, a MMA LLC Company, you have access to Zywave, an online client portal that offers you an extensive library of Loss Control information, a Community Forum to collaborate with others on a nationwide basis, OSHA logs and Employee Benefits information. 

If you need access to this program, please contact your Account Manager and ask for them to provide you with the required login information. In addition, Lexi Stock, our agency's Director of Marketing, would be happy to come out and demonstrate the product for you.  

The best thing about Zywave is that it's a FREE value-added service that we offer to our customers!

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