Help Desk/Chicago     

"By bringing together the most inspired artists and the most experienced mentors, we have an incredible resource of support. The one-on-one exchange with our mentors helps us navigate the complex choices that are a part of being a viable performing arts company today."

RE|Dance Group
RE|Dance Group
Photo by Michael Estanich
"Running a dance company is a fairly solitary experience, particularly when trying to juggle the artistic and administrative aspects on a small budget. Usually so much energy and time is spent on the artistic part of the company that there is little left over to work on the administrative side. Working with Help Desk/L.A. has made me feel like I can take a deep, long breath."

Clinard Dance Theatre

Clinard Dance Theatre

Photo by John Boehm




"Both individuals and our dance community as a whole are enriched by this program and the service Help Desk/L.A. provides. It nurtures artists so they can delve into their motivations for being an artist, and assists them in a very practical manner, in learning how to realize their goals. I very much enjoy being a mentor for Help Desk/LA., and have been inspired by my mentees and my mentor colleagues."


Rachel Cohen 
Cadence Arts Network

Khecari Dance

Khecari Dance
Photo by Dan Merlo

"I feel like I have a life again! I have a chunk of time now when I actually can be an artist."


Chicago dance companies and choreographers


Pentacle announces the second cycle of



July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Proposals now being accepted



JUNE 10, 2013


Participate in Help Desk and build a stable foundation that will enable you to do what you love to do most... 


Who is Help Desk for?


Help Desk is open to all Chicago and surrounding area professional dance companies, independent choreographers and performance artists who:

  • Want to move their work and artistic life forward and know they need a stronger organizational foundation to do so.
  • Want affordable, expert and personalized support from some of the Country's most respected arts professionals.
  • Want to be part of a vibrant supportive professional dance community that explores challenges together.

What is Help Desk?


Through Help Desk, Pentacle works with a limited number of artists/companies, pairing each of them with a highly experienced arts administrator in a guided mentorship that focuses on strategic planning, guidance and infrastructure support. The mentorship is personal and unique to each participant. Help Desk challenges artists/companies to measure whether text-book solutions really are the answer, or whether they should use them as a starting point for the creation of an organizational system designed for their particular needs. Help Deskworks with dance companies and independent artists to find the most successful management paradigm.


In addition to working one on one with mentors, Help Desk participants attend convenings during the year, the subjects of which derive from the projects and issues being worked on by the artists/companies during the program period. The goal is to create a community of professional peers who command mutual admiration, who can turn to each other for resources, and who can become champions for each other and for the greater Chicago dance communities. Additionally, Pentacle currently offers Help Desk programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Participants in Help Desk gain access to artists and non-performing dance champions in all three cities, making invaluable national connections.


What does Help Desk cost?


The fee for first year participation during the 2013-2014 Cycle of Help Desk is $600. That comes to only $50/month. Fees are based on the number of years participants remain in the program.

Getting involved is simple:


Submit your proposal


Please submit in writing the following information by MONDAY, JUNE 10:

  • A description of your organization that describes the mission of the organization, the current artistic vision of the organization, and the administrative structure of the organization.
  • A description of the goals for your organization.
  • What you hope to accomplish by participating in Help Desk
  • A copy of your most recent IRS Form 990. If you are unincorporated, please submit a financial statement that most accurately reflects your professional artistic activities for the most recently completed calendar or fiscal year. 
  • A link to or DVD of your most recent work.
  • Any marketing materials you might have related to your work or company.

Pentacle accepts participants into Help Desk based on availability and based on clarity of expectations and goals to be obtained from the partnership and commitment by the prospective participant to being a pro-active member of a professional peer community.


Your proposal should be sent via e-mail, fax or snail mail, to:


Angela Luem 

Help Desk�/Chicago Program Coordinator



1332 W 18th St 4th Flr #8

Chicago, IL 60608

P: 347.854.3010

Pentacle (DanceWorks, Inc.) is a nationally recognized not-for-profit management support organization for the performing arts. Established 1976. Mara Greenberg & Ivan Sygoda Directors  
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Pentacle's Help Desk is supported by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's National Projects Program, Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation, the Eileen & Harold Brown Foundation, the Mayer and Morris Kaplan Foundation, the Meledandri Family Trust, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Santa Monica Department of Cultural Affairs and support from individual donors.