January 16, 2017
Take Action Now - Sign the Petition In Support of a Premium Cigar Exemption from FDA Regulation

With the introduction of H.R. 564 it is now incumbent upon all  Cigar Voters  to voice their support for this bill and, to remind Congress that the FDA  has exceeded their congressional intent by regulating premium cigars.


Take action now...sign the petition voicing your support for a premium cigar exemption from FDA regulation and share with all of your cigar brethren.


There is strength in numbers!  Don't let the FDA have the final say on your passion for premium cigars.


As a result of the FDA final rule, jobs and small businesses have already been threatened, industry consolidation and closure has occurred, and economic uncertainty is now a dark cloud over the industry. It is time for this to stop.


To sign the petition in support of H.R. 564, please click here.
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Donate today, and be a part of history...the history of protecting premium cigars for generations to come.