Your support feeds hungry children.
You provide access to job search assistance.
You enable us to feed our seniors and others unable to work.
You are getting men in recovery back on the path to employment.
You help share the love of Christ.

The pictures below are just snapshots of the services your generosity makes possible for your neighbors in need.
Anna is one of those neighbors.

She had a good job but lost it when the pandemic hit. She had a young son to feed and was suddenly scrambling for income. She took the first job that came her way, cleaning offices and housekeeping. With her income cut by nearly two-thirds, she was struggling. She turned to Christian HELP for food.

"You helped me feed my son. I had all I could do to keep a roof over our heads. You made a world of difference when we needed it most."

Anna is also now working with our care managers to find a new job. Your support helped Anna and her son through a crisis.

You are giving them hope.

Your gifts make an impact.
Another way you are helping families Make the Grade is through our Central Florida Employment Council job fairs.

Over 500 job-seeking candidates met face-to-face with
75 companies actively hiring for open positions!

Check out this short video...and see the doors you are opening for our neighbors and the community.
Due to the increasing demand for our services, we are hiring!

Entry Coordinator (FT) - You will welcome clients into all of our programs with excellent customer service skills.

Food Pantry Lead/Assistant (PT) - You will lead the team through the process of feeding families and overseeing pantry operations.

Driver (PT) - You are the first step in feeding the community as you pick up groceries for distribution in the pantry.

For more information on these positions and how you can apply, go to
You can join a growing list of local businesses that are giving back to the community and helping families Make the Grade.

Go to for more information!

Christian HELP is grateful for our business partners!