Fewer than 1,000 bills and joint resolutions remain alive for lawmakers to consider as they begin the second third of the 2021 legislative session. Thursday was the deadline for bills and joint resolutions to be heard in their chamber of origin. The House sent 408 bills and one joint resolution to the Senate for consideration. The Senate sent 454 bills and joint resolutions to the House for its consideration. A modern-day record of bills and joint resolutions, 3,042, were pre-filed for consideration by the January 21 deadline.

Both chambers partially extended the February 25 deadline for bills to be heard in a committee of their chamber of origin, which made more bills available to be heard on their floors. The Senate Appropriations Committee met twice after the deadline. It advanced nine bills during a March 1 meeting and 36 during a March 3 meeting. The House Rules Committee met twice March 8, moving three bills forward.
Senators have until April 8 to consider in committee the measures sent to them by the House. The House has three deadlines for the committee consideration of Senate measures:

• March 29, for Senate bills and joint resolutions to be heard in House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittees;
• April 8, for Senate bills and joint resolutions to be heard in standing committees, except for the full House Appropriations and Budget Committee;
• April 16, for Senate bills and joint resolutions to be head by the full House Appropriations and Budget Committee.

ACEC OKLAHOMA Priority legislation continues to advance: HB 1934 (Indemnification) passed off the House of Representatives floor 89-1 and is now assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and we will be asking for your advocacy in the coming weeks to have the bill supported. SB 748 (Peer Review) passed the Senate 42-4 and we are waiting for Committee assignment.  HB2234 (Electric Vehicle Tax) passed the House of Representatives 90-7 and is assigned to Senate Finance Committee.  HB1981 (Licensing Bill ACEC OKLAHOMA Opposed) did not advance. Thank you to our members who supported all of our advocacy efforts and we will continue to need your help!! 

Additionally, we are entering talks with ODOT to resume our annual partnership conference. Details will be provided as we learn more.

-Mike Thompson- President & CEO