Hello, Seasonal Campers!  

Since our last update email a few things have been brought to our attention that we thought we should address.  Hopefully this will bring some clarity to some of your questions.

We had several seasonals who heard about the email from other campers, but did not receive it themselves.  We have a comprehensive list of emails of all of our seasonal campers, however, if you have ever "unsubscribed" after one of our past emails, you would not have received this one.  Unfortunately it isn't as easy as just going in and re-adding your email, so please be careful to not "unsubscribe" or you won't receive what could be very important information in the future.

We have had many questions about Sign-Up Genius.  The most common is that people are unable to find a time when their section is open.  There are plenty of spots for each section, the key is to keep scrolling through until you see your section listed.  You may need to close out Signup Genius and go back in to see current information since it can change quickly as people sign up.  Also, please do not sign up for one time and then write in the comments that you are actually coming at a time that is full.  We can't honor those requests and you will be asked to re-sign up.  

We have had many of you reach out asking about our plans for this summer.  We are hoping for the best, but to try and plan too far ahead is really hard to do.  We, like you, are taking things one day at a time depending on the Governor's updates.  We are always thinking about the "what ifs" but we really can't make any decisions until more time passes and we know more what the season is going to look like.  Our primary priority is keeping our staff and campers safe.  That was one of the main factors in deciding how many people to let into the campground at a time to check their trailers.  We may be on the conservative side, but would rather have it that way than regrets later.  Hopefully we will not need to use this system again, but if we do, we hope this trial goes well so that we can. 

We have several seasonal campers who are on the front lines of this pandemic, and they are always at the forefront of our minds when making decisions.  They have reached out and explained to us how important the "stay at home" order is from their point of view.  One particular seasonal camper reached out to us to support the decision we made to follow the Governor's mandate and not open for recreational camping.  He works in an emergency department of a major hospital and wrote "I want people to understand the dire situation we are in and the extreme amount of lives that could potentially be lost if these guidelines are not followed."  He set up the email [email protected] to offer his fellow seasonal campers not only accounts of what he personally witnesses on a daily basis, but the information the staff receives daily from the CDC and State of Illinois.  

We are passing on his offer to you and can only imagine what he is witnessing and experiencing with this pandemic.  Feel free to ask him questions, but please remember he is a fellow camper, and even if you disagree with how the state is running things, he is not a part of that.  Even if you don't have questions, we're sure an encouraging note would be very much appreciated.  Our Fish Lake family wants to thank him and all our Fish Lake Beach first responders for all you are doing and the risks you are taking to help those afflicted.  

You are all in our prayers!  Stay safe & healthy!

Randy, Y.C., Christi, Desiree & The Fish Lake Beach Staff
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