HERA Newletter February 2017

A Message from Heidi Wells, our new Board President:
I am very excited to take on a new role with HERA as President of the Board. We have added several new members to our team and are looking forward to expanding our outreach in 2017. We are excited for the interesting, promising and useful research HERA is funding this is year (highlighted below). I hope that 2017 brings us that much closer to finding a cure for ovarian cancer!

Research Grant for 2016:
The 2016 Maggie Luck "Outside-the-Box Grant" was awarded to Dr. Jeeun Kang of Johns Hopkins University for his research proposal "Superposed Photoacoustic Interrogation Force Approach to Enable Early-stage Ovarian Cancer Detection and Characterization".

Dr. Kang's response to the award: "It is really honor for me to be a grantee of HERA OSB grant!! I am really inspired by Maggie Luck through the article linked in the letter - I will do my best to make a contribution for sure."

Jeeun Kang, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow in the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics at Johns Hopkins University, working with Dr. Emad M. Boctor. Dr. Kang is investigating new approaches of imaging early-detection of disease.
Dr. Kang 2016 grant receipient

The aim of the project is to develop a novel diagnostic method for early-stage ovarian cancers with these three steps:
(1) A machine learning database of physical properties will be established using ovarian cancer samples and cell lines.
(2) An established database will be employed to train the machine learning algorithm for the precise classification of the ovarian cancers being diagnosed.
(3) The performance of the proposed method will be evaluated with multiple samples and correlated with traditional histological analysis.

If successful, this study will bring novel insights into the ovarian cancer research field, ultimately allowing early detection and characterization. Such information may also reveal clinical outcomes such as sensitivity, long-term survival rates for patients, and better personalized treatment regimens.  

Upcoming Events

Feb. 25, 2017  Everett, MA Iron Maiden: MetroRock's All-Women's Bouldering Competition Registration is now open . $5 from every registration will be donated to the HERA.

Sept. 9, 2017
Save the Date Climb for Life Boston.

Stay tuned for Run Like a Girl events. The Pocahontas run in Richmond, VA is tentatively planned for Sept. 17.

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