HERA Newsletter April 2017

A Message from Heidi Wells, our Board President:
Dear HERA friends and family.  Our April newsletter is focused on our Partners In Action (PIA) program and we are thrilled to feature a fantastic artist who has created some beautiful pieces for HERA.  This is just one of the many ways you can support ovarian cancer research grants and our organization.  We are always looking for new partners. Keep us in mind!  If you have a product or know a company that has a product that could partner with HERA, please contact us.
Check out Partners in Action! 
The HERA Partner in Action (PIA) program has been part of our mission for many years. The premise of the program is easy: to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms while also generating funds through key industry partnerships. These companies designate a product or group of products in their line to give a certain dollar amount or percentage of sales back to HERA. Companies also raise awareness through snazzy and fun hangtags, provided by the HERA Foundation, which list the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. The program has been going on since 2007 and has generated more than $65,000 and incredible amounts of awareness.

In a new short series, we will be interviewing some of these incredibly generous and innovative companies in the industry to see how they got involved with the HERA PIA program and why they think it is important. First up is PIA member Bronwen Jewelry, a company that started with one woman who possessed a love of jewelry and a love of the outdoors.

Feature Partner - Bronwen Jewelry    

Bronwen Lodato was a jewelry hobbyist in college and years after, but her idea to start a company didn't come until later. "At first I was leading backcountry expeditions for Outward Bound and began fielding requests from my female co-instructors for jewelry that was beautiful but still strong enough for our 30 day courses," says Lodato. That seed was planted and 12 years later Bronwen took the plunge to launch the Bronwen Jewelry brand geared toward active/outdoor women, which she introduced at the 2008 Outdoor Retailers Trade Show. That same year, she joined the HERA PIA program. Here's her story about why.

How did you first hear about HERA and what struck you about the organization that pushed you and your company to get involved?
I launched my brand at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2008. A woman named Stephanie Forte was working with HERA at the time and happened by our booth and fell in love with our jewelry; she suggested a partnership with HERA. I had not participated in cause marketing before but the partnership felt natural, easy and important. We designed the Hera Lotus Necklace and it is still going strong today!

How long have you been working with HERA?
We've been a PIA member with HERA for almost 9 years. Until I met Stephanie, I really had no information on ovarian cancer. I didn't know any survivors, I didn't know the symptoms, and it simply wasn't on my radar in the same way that breast cancer was. I'm still struck by how underrepresented ovarian cancer education is (with regard to all the female reproductive cancers) in comparison to how common the cancer is.

HERA Lotus Necklace by Bronwen
HERA Lotus Necklace by Bronwen
We love your jewelry and are stoked about your continual support! Tell us about the HER A Lotus Necklace. Where did the inspiration for this necklace come about? Is there a story behind it?

I've always thought lotus flowers are beautiful but it is the story of how the lotus flower grows that really makes it a perfect fit for HERA: An equal balance of strength and grace, the lotus flower and women have a lot in common. The lotus roots in mud and rises and blossoms into one of the most exquisite forms of natural beauty; in the same way, women rise from adversity with strength and courage to become ever more beautiful and wise.

Any favorite HERA events or memories you'd like to share?
About a week after I formed the partnership with HERA, I was at the wedding of one of my best friends. A woman, another friend of the bride, approached me and complimented me on my jewelry. We struck up a conversation, chatting and laughing easily and I learned then that it was Sean Patrick, the founder of HERA. I was so thrilled to tell her the news that just the week prior we had conceived of the HERA Lotus Necklace and that we would be working together! We hugged and thanked each other for our respective efforts to help spread the education about ovarian cancer. Sean died of ovarian cancer a few months later.

Finally, what do you hope will come about in your partnership with HERA?
I hope for two things. First, that the HERA Lotus Necklace will bring even a split second of joy to the many women who wear them. Second, that the HERA Lotus Necklace will serve as a conversation piece and lead to an elevated level of awareness of the symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis of ovarian cancer.

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June 10, 2017
Jodie's Race in City Park, CO sponsored by our friends at COCA, Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance. http://www.jodisrace.org/ 

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