Hello Friends!!!


We are getting ready for summer in Aspen, our sidewalk cafes to open and beautiful Aspen flowers to bloom!!

Well, as much as we skiers LOVED our 400 plus inches of snow this season, all of us who own real estate here got “knocked out” May 1 with our re-assessed property values. Because of the huge influx of “Covid city escapees” spending “stupid” money on local real estate, we are mostly in shock. 
The assessor bases value on comparable sales from Jan 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. So, I have friends calling with values going from $7,200,000 to $16,300,000 in Starwood, $3,000,000 to $6,700,000 in Snowmass, $3,900,000 to $9,999,999 off Cemetery Lane in Aspen and the craziest was $10,000,000 to $40,000,000 in Five Trees near the Aspen Highlands.
You can protest this assessed value by going to the assessor's site
CLICK HERE then look at the left side of page and click on COMPARABLE SALES. You put it in your neighborhood and look at the sales the tax assessor office used. 

Every comp on our personal home which we built in 1998, was new or remodeled from 2020-2022. So, to me, it was not comparable to compare those properties to my 25 year old home. They received my protest yesterday and will give me a hearing date. BUT, what we really need to do to request a TEMPORARY CREDIT OR REDUCE THE MILL LEVY from the taxing districts below:

Aspen School District: David Sholes - [email protected]; 970-925-3760

Aspen Valley Hospital: Andrea Shaffran- [email protected], 970-544-1261

Colorado Mountain College: Gina Pedrick- [email protected], 970-970-384-8514

These are probably the largest tax grabbers, so I think we call and email and just bombard them. My script is something like this:

“Our property owners in Pitkin County are frantic right now due to our assessed values rising so precipitously, even though we know how important our tax dollars are to your fine and very necessary organization, but I am begging you to consider a temporary abatement, credit or a mill levy abatement. This not only affects the new rich guy, but every working local including the renters. If a landlord’s tax bill doubles you know they will pass it to the local, working tenant. Thank you for listening.”

 And, my friend, Commissioner Patti Clapper is proposing to her board this week who oversee all the Pitkin County funds-open space and trials, Human services, library, etc to not only do exactly that, but also request the same from the above list.

Please call me should you have any additional questions and hope to see you this summer!

Real estate sales this year in Pitkin County are shockingly lower than 2022 (see below), but we still see some crazy sales like three unlisted properties closing at $33m on King Street in Aspen, $40+mil next to the City skating rink, and $40+mil on 8th St. CLICK HERE
Our inventory is still low, and many of the listings in Aspen have been on the market since last fall which just means we have buyer resistance on value. The summer market will be very interesting as I also think we will find buyers making offers and maybe sellers finally listening. I also think we may see some product come on that looks like a decent value because just maybe they “need” to sell because of the financial market in our country.
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