THANK YOU for all the love and support you gave the Salon during our "pause".
Pete and all staff appreciate the gift card purchases, product purchases, mask-making, and virtual hugs! I have certainly missed all of you and our time together, so I will be very glad to see you. I know not being able to have your facial and waxing services has been very difficult, as well as your hair needs! Comic relief and a good hat have been necessities! (Maybe you saw my Instagram video posts---there is some comic relief!)

But we are ready now to see you! You can start calling the salon for your appointments tomorrow, M onday, June 1st from 1-4, and then Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. On Friday, we will be in motion providing services! Please know that scheduling is not an easy task at this moment but we are doing our very best.

I think if you know me, you know I have always adhered to very high sanitation and disinfection standards. With COVID, I am taking additional steps which are requiring even more time between my facials and other services. Therefore, I ask your patience while we are on the phone stumbling a bit with how to schedule. We will get you in though!

All may look a little different when you come to the salon. According to guidelines we have removed magazines, food, and beverages. I will have bottled water for you though! You will see plexiglass at the receptionist area, the hairdressers with masks and gloves on and more frequent disinfection control throughout the entire salon. I will now be wearing scrubs, a mask, gloves and at times a facial shield. Underneath it all though are the same people who love what they do and are excited to see you and give you that much-needed relaxation and decompression from the weeks behind us.

Please take the time to read all that is listed below. I know it is a bit overwhelming, but I want you to be informed and feel comfortable in our endeavors so that you may experience the same comfort level and relaxation you experienced prior to our "Pause".
In the efforts mentioned above, we are finalizing the following before opening Friday:

  • A thorough cleaning and disinfection of the salon. All retail areas, products, surfaces, tools, and linens have been sanitized and disinfected.
  • Each staff member has received additional training in salon disinfection and each will have completed a certification by Bactronix on salon disinfection practices.
  • Removed all unnecessary items such as magazines, newspapers, product testers, coffee/tea bar and snacks. Bottled water will be available.
  • Removed hangers from our coat room. All clothing and personal items need to be kept with you.
  • Installed plexiglass around our reception desk.
  • Installed hands free soap and towel dispensers in bathrooms and my treatment room.
  • Provided client hand sanitizers.
  • Posted hygiene signs and safety guidelines for our clients and staff.
  • Placed an air purifier in my room.

  • Take our staff’s temperature upon arrival and if above 99.9 degrees F will be sent home immediately.
  • Appropriate social distancing of clients and staff. Only a limited number of clients will be permitted to be serviced in the salon at one time and 1-2 clients waiting in the reception area. 
  • No family or friends will be permitted to accompany the client, except in case of a minor child having a service. Parent does need to attend.
  • Similar to the hair part of the salon, I will perform disinfection control procedures in my treatment room between each client's service, including all tools and implements. I am allowing sufficient extra time to accomplish this.
  • Disinfecting with Bactronix C3, a hospital grade disinfectant that is aroma-free, non-toxic, non-irritating, EPA & FDA registered and effective against COVID-19.
  • All esthetic laundry, including sheets, towels, and blankets will be laundered in hot soapy water, dried at the hottest temperature for sanitation and disinfection. (Same with hair salon laundry.)
  • I will be wearing scrubs, a mask, gloves, and at times a face shield. Hair staff will be wearing protective masks, gloves and/or face shields when servicing you.
  • Any cash and/or checks will be placed in a UVC disinfecting light container.
  • Restrooms, reception area desk, seats, tables, and doors will be cleaned & disinfected throughout the day.

  • It is important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Upon arrival, stay in your car and call the salon to let us know you have arrived. We will advise when you may enter the salon.
  • Please wear your mask as you enter the salon. (Depending upon your service with me, you may need to remove it after my instruction.) Hair clients will be wearing masks during their service.
  • Upon entering the salon: (1 ) your temperature will be taken (2) you will be asked some questions and then asked to sign the COVID-19 Information & Liability Waiver. (3) you will proceed directly to my room where you will wash your hands prior to any service.
  • Please bring any completed consult/wax/tint form with you if I have requested it. (I don't want you to lose any time from your service!)
  • New Clients--I will direct you to my website to complete the appropriate form to bring with you.
  • We ask that you do not handle our retail products. Our staff will gather any products that you may want to purchase if I am not available. Our computer has your product history.
  • Know that as difficult as it would be for us and for you, we will need to refuse a service if at any point during your visit you exhibit symptoms of illness. So please, if you feel ill in the days before your appointment, reschedule ahead so that I may rebook and get you in another day. If you wake and feel ill, please reschedule. Especially now, please be mindful of our current situation. No cancellation fee will apply. As a gentle reminder too, I have always requested a 48 hour cancellation for non-emergencies. I certainly understand that things happen and unexpected events arise. My clients are generally very good about this and I really appreciate it!

Bactronix C3:
C3 is an EPA registered “hospital grade” non-toxic disinfectant. It utilizes an advanced water based nanotechnology with a stabilizing agent to release the disinfecting power of ClO2 (chlorine dioxide).
C3 is safe to use on all of your beauty products and tools. It does not contain toxic poisons that may be used in other disinfectants such as: bleach, alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, peroxide and silver or copper ions.