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Highlights from the
HESI 2021 Annual Meeting
The HESI Annual Meeting was on June 9th, 2021. We had Keynote Speakers on new emerging projects from the HESI Cardiac Safety, CT-TRACs, and CORA committees, as well as an expert panel on COVID-19. The full agenda and future events can be found here on the HESI event webpage.
HESI Innovation Prize
Congratulations to the 2021 HESI Innovation Prize awardee, Dr. Kenneth Olden!

Dr. Olden most recently served as Director of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Center for Public Health and Environmental Assessment. He has had an immeasurable impact on the field of health equity and has a strong legacy of promoting excellence in environmental health research and chemical risk assessment.
Wall of Fame! A special thank you to the Cardiac Safety Leadership!
HESI Staff would like to thank the committee Leadership for their significant contributions to the committee's mission and goals, especially during these pandemic times. We recognize and appreciate their hard work and dedication to streamline and strategize for WG projects. Please join us in celebrating the great Leadership!
Brian Berridge, NTP
Norman Stockbridge, US FDA
Marjory Brooks, Cornell University
Steering Team
Gary Gintant, AbbVie
Steering Team
Gene Herman, NCI
Steering Team
John Koerner, US FDA
Steering Team

Michael Pugsley, CytoKinectics
Steering Team
Eric Schultze, Lilly
Steering Team

Franke Sellke, Lifespan
Steering Team
Jean-Pierre Valentin, UCB
Steering Team
Do you have colleagues interested in joining?
Please send their contact information to:
E'Lissa Flores and Jennifer Pierson!