March 2015
HEVC for Non UHD Content: Not Sexy but Steady
Increased video consumption to mobile devices has content and service providers scrambling to accommodate the demand for high-quality, error-free, network-delivered video. More efficient compression isn't the only part of the equation, but it's a critical one. And HEVC is poised to deliver.   LEARN MORE

Who's Ready for 4K OTT?  
Both Amazon and Netflix have made a lot of noise lately about their 4K efforts, but is it all for show? There are questions arising about just how much 4K content streaming customers can actually access today. Are we really ready for 4K OTT? LEARN MORE

Is 2015 the Year of the Smart TV OS War?
The Smart TV OS wars are heating up with some high-profile pairings like Panasonic and Mozilla as well as Sony and Android. Many question if Smart TV will cannibalize the OTT media player market and force other video stakeholders, such as Apple and Amazon, into making TVs of their own. LEARN MORE

New HEVC Study Results Available
DTC recently completed an in-depth forecast and analysis for HEVC/H.265. We are now offering customized consultations on:  
  • Forecasts and analysis for consumer electronics products 
  • Non-consumer HEVC applications
  • HEVC licensing landscape

    For more information on our customized HEVC consultations, contact Myra Moore at 214.915.0930 or

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