October 2015
HEVC: A Game of Catch-up

There are a large number of devices already in the market that can play back UHD/4K content. But so far hardware adoption is rapidly outpacing content availability in the classic "chicken and egg" conundrum.
Tech Giant IP Love Fest? Probably Not
Microsoft and Google made news with the announcement that they've ended smartphone (and other) patent-infringement litigation and presumably entered into a cross-licensing agreement. They have also, along with a handful of Internet heavyweights, formed an alliance to develop a "royalty-free" next-generation video compression technology. Learn what this coming together of tech giants means for cross-licensing agreements or R&D consortiums. 
Why the UHD Transition is NOT the HDTV Transition  
If you're feeling some weird sense of déjà vu with the production of 4K content/broadcasting and UHD TV sales, it's because you have vague recollections of the introduction of HDTV back in the late 1990s. While there are similarities between these multi-million pixel TV transitions, there are several tipping-point differences. Learn about three differences between UHD and HDTV.

Are You Ready?
In today's evolving digital TV industry, continual change is about the only sure thing. New technologies, evolving distribution channels and unexpected acquisitions and partnerships are shaping a new digital TV ecosystem. DTC can help you understand the impact of these factors and, most importantly, what they mean for your bottom line. Our market intelligence provides you with the information you need to navigate - and even pave - new paths for success.
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