It's 2016 already.  Seriously, where is it?

Dear Hawaii Republican:
Seriously, where is HRP in this election year 2016?   Why isn't the party fighting to end the six decades-old, dysfunctional, and corrupt establishment of Democrats and their unchallenged record of damaging Hawaii?  Has HRP bothered to inform you that this election year is not just to elect a new President, but more importantly for you to elect your state and local representatives?  Or that 2016 is also a year where certain well-established local Republican party officers will be up for election?

Pursuant to  Section 320 of the rules of the Hawaii GOP, you should already be invited to participate in the Annual District Caucuses of card-carrying Republicans like you throughout the islands.  In fact, the caucuses are supposed to be held just days from now; during the last week of January and first week of February.
However, a concerted effort is underway to keep you from feeling invited.  It just might be that the Hawaii GOP does NOT want to actually allow you to participateTheir silence speaks volumes.  Their refusal to make sure you are included and welcomed as a participant speaks even louder.

Some extremely important matters are on the line in 2016.  At these caucuses, we are supposed to elect delegates and alternates in each of our communities to represent us at the upcoming county conventions in March and the state convention in May.
If you don't have enough notice, it's really hard to participate.  And if you aren't able to participate, then you and your neighbors can't elect your delegates.  That means that the corrupt party leadership actually gets to APPOINT WHOMEVER THEY WANT to fill the vacant delegate and alternate seats which belong to you.
That seems to be the planOtherwise you would already know the date, time and location for the caucus in your district.  But nobody has sent any announcements to the tens of thousands of Republicans who are eligible to participate.
Yes, they should have told you by now.  But instead, you'll have to blindly keep a two week window on your calendar completely clear.  That way, when they finally tell you about your district caucus, you might be able to participate.  But this is the game that party insiders have played for years in order to retain powerIt's really sick, actually.  Since we need more Republicans to be more active if we ever hope to amass the power to unseat Democrats.
But that's not what party leaders want.  They just want to keep others from taking their coveted power away from them.  Word has is that party leaders want to stack the deck by having Fritz and his cronies fill the vacant delegate positions with their buddies rather than letting real Republicans attend the district caucuses.

Our party should be spreading the word about these annual caucuses.  This is what they should be doing.  But they don't even tell you about the combination of fraudembezzlement, and corruption which seems to take place each day at party headquarters.
On the agenda at this year's state convention is our party's official platform -- WHAT WE STAND FOR.  That's pretty important.  But party leaders want to keep the GOP in Hawaii neutral on every issue, like we are now.  That's insane.  But they are liberals.  And they've hijacked out party.
We're also electing two high-ranking officers:  National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.  These two share power with the state chairman in representing Hawaii at the RNC or Republican National Committee.  The current officeholders ( pictured above) have been in power too long and don't want reform-minded Republicans chucking them out of power.  Hence, the lack of information shared with you and tens of thousands of others about how to attend these annual caucuses any day now.
HIRA wishes we could tell you where to go and when.  But the next best thing is we can put you in direct contact with those who are supposed to be organizing these annual district caucuses.  These are the people who put themselves in power.  So they are the ones who should have the answers.
TAKE ACTION:   Call party headquarters today and ask the extremely highly paid executive director Marcia Tagavilla ( marcia@gophawaii.com) or her generous boss Fritz Rohlfing ( chair@gophawaii.com) to send you the caucus info right away.  The phone number at party headquarters is:  593-8180.  If you can't reach either of them, you can also contact your county's equally neglectful GOP chair:
Hawaii County Chair   Gunner Mench            gunner@harborgallery.biz
Maui County Chair      George Powell            gpowellmd85@gmail.com
Oahu County Chair     Richard Fale               richard.fale@gmail.com
Kauai County Chair    Steve Yoder                histeveyoder@gmail.com
Tell him or her that you want to officially participate in the upcoming annual precinct/district caucusesRemind them that party rules require these caucuses to be held.  And remind them why they need to stop making the Hawaii GOP so alienating and non-communicative with its own members.
Finally, fellow Republican, please kokua by showing up if you can attend and you are able to pry the location and time from HRP.  Card-carrying Republicans like you can change our party for the better.  Yes, you can help make it more likely than not that our local GOP candidates can win.  Thanks for helping to make the Hawaii Republican Party better than it is.  You deserve the respect of your party so you can plan your life AND be able to exercise your right to participate.



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