November 10, 2022
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Table of Contents:
  • 2023 Titans Symposium Registration Now Open
  • Save the Date for the 2023 HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care
  • Renew Your Membership and Save
  • Instructional Materials on Standards
  • Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors
  • HFES Schedule of Events
  • HFES Publishes Policy Statement on Human Space Flight & Exploration Program
  • 2022 Stanley Caplan User-Centered Product Design Award
  • In Memoriam
  • Call for Nominations: Board on Human-Systems Integration
  • Call for Applications for NASEM LAC Connections Symposium
  • Lewis-Burke's Overview of Federal Funding Opportunities for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities
Registration Now Open for the 2023 Titans of HFE Symposium
The Titans of HFE Symposium is a showcase of the premier researchers, practitioners, and academicians in HFES. These speakers will present the foundational areas of the science and provide their insights into the future of the field.  

The Titans of HFE Symposium is an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge and insights into important areas such as situation awareness, attention, decision-making, spinal ergonomics, human error, team cognition and interaction, automation, autonomous vehicles, telepresence, patient safety, macro-ergonomics, aging, inclusion, stress, human system interactions, and team effectiveness. Register to secure your spot today! 
Save the Date for the 2023 HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care

The HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care 2023 is heading to the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, FL, March 26-29, 2023. This educational activity is your opportunity to learn insights on the latest science and best practices, understand innovations in the safety of health care providers and patients, sharpen the focus of HF/E initiatives, and improve your regulatory approaches. Grow your professional network by connecting with human factors experts, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, biomedical engineers, health care providers, FDA representatives, patient safety researchers, and more! Dedicated networking events will provide the opportunity to connect with your peers facing similar challenges, exchange best practices, and share ideas you can implement at your institution when you return home.  
Renew Your Membership and Save!

Calling all members! There are only 51 days until the new year so take this time to renew your membership in HFES for 2023 and receive a $20 discountNo code is necessary – the system will automatically apply a $20 discount to your record until midnight on November 15. This offer is available to those holding Associate, Affiliate, and Full membership in 2022 and does not apply to newly joining members or to lapsed members who were members prior to 2022.
As you renew for another great year with HFES, please consider adding Contributing or Supporting membership to provide the Society additional support. These programs provide special recognition and are valuable to HFES by helping us advance our mission in several ways. And please do not forget to renew your Technical Group memberships or consider joining a new Technical Group.
There will be new exciting offerings and educational activities at HFES in 2023 so don’t miss out! Be sure to renew to remain a member of HFES and act before November 15 to save!
Instructional Materials on Standards
Many HFES members are practitioners and it is important for them to connect research to practice. Furthermore, one of the Society’s strategic goals is to translate the science of HF/E into practice. For that reason, it is important that HFES publications link to regulations, standards, guidelines, and best practices–of which standards are a subset.  Those connections could be accepted definitions, data collection methods, design requirements, or other types of information that practitioners could use. However, many publications are written by faculty and students who are generally unfamiliar with standards. As such, HFES now offers its members several resources in this area.
Click the More Information button below for two reports, PowerPoint files, and videos on standards and information regarding how to find them. For more information, contact Executive Council member Paul A. Green at
Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors (IF = 3.598)
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
The Global investment in renewable and sustainable energy systems is critical for addressing the climate crisis. The investment is scaling up new energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc.; building out smart grids to transmit energy flows that fluctuate throughout the day and incorporate large-scale energy storage systems; developing green manufacturing of steel and cement; transitioning to clean automobiles, busses, trucks, trains, and planes that use electricity or green hydrogen; expanding networked vehicle charging systems; incorporating smart building heating and air-conditioning systems and electrical appliances; etc. However, the rapid changes of these complex systems can be accompanied by failures that slow adoption. Human factors and ergonomics (HF/E) plays a critical role in the design for usability and reliability of such complex systems.
The proposed special issue invites contributions that address HF/E in the design and adoption of renewable and sustainable energy systems and devices. Papers can approach the topic by proposing theoretical frameworks, conducting modeling or laboratory experiments, or presenting findings from field studies on renewable and sustainable energy topics.
Member News
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Attention Chapters, Technical Groups, Affinity Groups and beyond – HFES is pleased to post information concerning any upcoming meetings, webinars, or other events you wish to raise awareness about on our Events listing page. We also will post meetings of allied societies provided they do not occur close to any HFES organized activity.
Let us know about your meetings and other events. Email us at
HFES Publishes Policy Statement on Human Space Flight & Exploration Programs
Mission performance and system safety are highly dependent on human performance, especially when unforeseen events or inevitable system failures are involved. A robust domestic space exploration program is also dependent on the avoidance of catastrophic failures and accidents (e.g., the Challenger and Columbia accidents) given public, political, and international attention. Therefore, there is a substantial need for all space actors (NASA as well as commercial space entities) to optimize the safety and performance of flight crews, mission controllers, and ground and support personnel throughout the design, engineering, and operation of space systems.
Click the button below to read the full Policy Statement.
2022 Stanley Caplan User-Centered Product Design Award

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 21st annual Stanley Caplan User-Centered Product Design Award is: VersiPD™ Cycler System by Fresenius Medical Care.

Please join us to hear directly from the winner on December 12, 2022, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Eastern Time. This special session will include a presentation on the design and development of the award-winning product. This session is open to all members of HFES, the media, and the public.

Read more about the award here.
In Memoriam - The Discipline of Human Factors and Ergonomics Loses Three Pioneers
Dr. John Reising passed away on October 6, 2022. Dr. Reising worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory until his retirement in 2006–after earning a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Southern Illinois University in 1969. At AFRL, his work was concentrated on the development of advanced cockpits, taking them from the “knob and dial” era into the electronic crew stations we have today. 
Dr. Joseph Birt died peacefully on October 8, 2022. The son of an engineer, Joe was born to fly. He became a pilot in high school, and after graduating from Penn State University in psychology in 1958, he joined the US Air Force as an officer. After logging over 2,000 hours flying as a transport pilot, he was taken off flight duty and “flew a desk” into the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In between plane and desk flying, Joe earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Human Factors / Industrial Psychology from Purdue University.  
Dr. Richard Lee "Dick" Horst passed away on April 10, 2022. After graduating from Chambersburg Area Senior High School in 1967, Dick earned a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Bucknell University, followed by an M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Carnegie-Mellon University. After his doctoral work, Dick founded and served as president of UserWorks, Inc., a usability and human factors engineering consultancy in 1989. As a pioneer in his field, Dick has contributed to its advancement in a variety of ways, including numerous published essays, presentations at professional conferences, and service positions in professional societies.
Industry News
Call for Nominations: Board on Human-Systems Integration
The Board on Human-Systems Integration (BOHSI) is a standing board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM). NASEM is a private nonprofit nongovernmental organization that provides independent, objective advice to spark progress and advance science, engineering, and medicine for the benefit of society.
The National Academies is currently seeking four individuals to serve on BOHSI who have extensive expertise and networks in more than 20 key areas. The nomination deadline is November 25.  
Call for Applications for NASEM LAC Connections Symposium
The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) is pleased to announce the first LAC Connections Symposium to take place virtually February 6 - 8, 2023. The call for applications is now open and scientists, engineers, and medical professionals from North and South America are invited to submit their application online before the deadline of Nov. 15, 2022, 11:59 PM EST.
Lewis-Burke's Overview of Federal Funding Opportunities for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities
HFES partners with Lewis-Burke Associates LLC to aid in promoting the importance of HF/E science among federal agencies and legislators. Through this partnership, HFES has engaged in advocacy efforts related to safety and health in a variety of industries, while also funding support for human factors/ergonomics research. Read the 16th edition of Lewis-Burke's Overview of Federal Funding Opportunities for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities below. This overview provides information on a wide range of federal agencies and programs.
HFES wants to promote the important achievements of our members in the bi-weekly Bulletin. Appropriate topics include research milestones or other significant achievements, professional accolades, awards or recognitions, promotions or new positions, and similar professionally-oriented topics. If you would like to share news with the HFES community, please fill out this form
Additionally, if you are made aware of the passing of any members of HFES, please let us know. Contact HFES Executive Director Steven Kemp at
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