September 15, 2022
Society News
Table of Contents:
  • 66th International Annual Meeting Updates
  • Save the Date: HFES Q3 Town Hall
  • Stream the Annual Meeting Live
  • Technical Tour - October 11, 2022
  • Calling HFES Student Members
  • Accessibility and Inclusion at the Annual Meeting and ErgoX
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • HFES and AES Webinar Recording Available
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast with Dr. Mica Endsley
  • Call for Submissions for HFES Health Care Symposium
  • 2023 mHealth Student Design Competition
  • Member News Submission
  • Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors (IF = 3.598)
  • University of Southampton Student Wins International Award
  • Register Today for the 8th ErgoX Symposium
  • HFES Calendar of Events
  • NIST Seeks Comments on Risks in Design, Development, Use, and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • FPE Updates
  • Senate Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Appropriations Bills
66th International Annual Meeting Updates
  • This year's Annual Meeting will feature a series of plenary sessions Tuesday through Friday to inform and update you on a variety of perspectives across the discipline of human factors and ergonomics. Be sure to register and attend to hear these speakers and panelists. Learn more.

  • New for 2022, HFES will be kicking off the International Annual Meeting with an Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony on Monday, October 10. This event will recognize award recipients from the HFES community for their achievements and outstanding work. There will be an opportunity to meet the award recipients, network with your peers, and more! Want to support this highly popular event? Sponsorship opportunities now available, click here for details!

  • Sponsorship Opportunities and exhibit booths available! Interact with a broad representation of researchers, practitioners, students, and others interested in the advancement of technology, equipment, and systems and reach decision-makers who purchase your products and services. Click here for more details.

  • Attention Job Seekers! Visit the HFES Career Center from October 11th to 14th for an opportunity to learn more about participating companies and their open positions. Come prepared with a resume, and schedule an onsite interview in advance. Click here to see which companies are participating, then apply to their job postings on the HFES Career Center for an onsite interview!

  • Workshops spots are filling up fast! Extend your learning by taking a deep dive into one or more workshops, led by subject matter experts from around the industry. Learn more.

  • View Chair Emeritus Ron Boring's Message about the 66th International Annual Meeting! Watch video.
Please stay in the meeting hotel! 
This helps HFES keep registration rates as low as possible.  

Hotel Reservation deadline is September 20th.

Save the Date: HFES Q3 Town Hall
September 27, 2022, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST
You are invited to the third quarter 2022 HFES Town Hall. This podcast will take place on Tuesday, September 27 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST.

This session is for any HFES member and others interested in the activities of the Society. In addition to remarks from HFES President Christopher Reid, the Town Hall will feature Technical Standards Division Chair Ram Maikala and Scientific Publications Chair Bill Horrey. The podcast will be hosted and produced by Human Factors Cast's Nick Roome.

Participants will be able to view the Town Hall podcast via several social media channels.  Details will be provided soon so please watch your email for the links.
Stream the Annual Meeting Live

This year, HFES is making it possible for those not attending the Annual Meeting in person to experience some of the rich content to be presented during the meeting - live! More than 35 sessions that incorporate the latest research, technology, and practice will be streamed from the meeting venue in Atlanta. Connect to the strongest scientific program in Human Factors and Ergonomics from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Online registrants additionally will receive access to limited-time complimentary recordings of the streamed content. The streaming option is best for those who want access to educational content with the flexibility of a remote experience.

Technical Tour - October 11, 2022
Emory University School of Medicine
High-Fidelity Simulation Space for Clinical Care

Join us on a visit to Emory University's mannequin-based simulation space to learn how they use high-fidelity simulators that physiologically respond to treatment similar to what would occur in real-life patients. The simulators can create real-life teaching environments that range from outpatient examination rooms to inpatient rooms in areas such as the emergency department, intensive care unit, labor and delivery suite, and an operating theatre.

Three tour times are available only on October 11. Tours are capped at ten individuals. Only $40 pp. Learn more and register to attend.  

To add a tour to an existing annual meeting registration, registrants should refer to their confirmation email for the “Modifying Your Registration” link and instructions. If you cannot locate your confirmation email, please contact and it will be resent.
Calling HFES Student Members!

We hope to see you at the HFES Annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, October 10-14, 2022!

Students who are looking to share lodging and related expenses may post their information in this spreadsheet.

If you find a roommate or are no longer in need of a roommate, please remove your information from the spreadsheet. Please share this information with anyone looking for a roommate at the Annual Meeting or ErgoX Symposium. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Dr. Xiaomei Wang
HFES Student Affairs Co-Chair

Samuel Bonet, Emily Rickel, and Nade Liang
HFES Student Affairs Liaisons
Accessibility and Inclusion at the Annual Meeting and ErgoX

HFES is committed to creating environments that embrace diversity through the inclusion of individuals reflective of characteristics across age, gender identity and expression, race, sex, religious and spiritual beliefs, nationality, ethnicity, cultural identity, physical ability, cognitive ability, marital status, sexual orientation, body shape or size, socioeconomic status, and other facets of social, institutional, and identity diversity. 
We proudly announce advances in this regard relative to our upcoming 66th Annual Meeting and ErgoX Symposium where we aim to create environments in which all attendees are welcome, valued, affirmed, and feel that they belong.  We invite you to review the resources assembled to inform attendees and prospective attendees about the meeting venue accessibility, the accessibility features and options on-site at the meeting, and how to prepare slides and posters to guide you in making your important research available to a larger group of audience members, including audience members with a variety of access needs.
Visit the Accessibility page on the 66th Annual Meeting website to learn more.
Upcoming Webinars
Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm EDT
Speakers: Bill Browning, Terrapin Bright Green; Prof. Andrew Thatcher, University of the Witwatersrand

This webinar will introduce biophilic design which emphasizes the value of using inspiration from how natural systems operate to produce sustainable designs which also support human health, wellbeing, and effectiveness. In this webinar, Bill will use examples from the built environment to demonstrate the value of biophilic design in supporting human health and wellbeing.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm EDT
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Pieter, M.A, Desmet; Stan Caplan, Ph.D.

This webinar is brought to you by HFES's Product Design Technical Group. Emotion is a central quality of human existence, and most of our behavior, motivation, and thought is enriched with, and influenced by emotions. Ignoring the emotional side of product experience would be like denying that these products are designed, bought, and used by humans. In his webinar, Prof. Dr. Desmet presents his ideas on how we can impose some structure on the limitless number of possible emotion-eliciting situations associated with product design. He addresses why and how products elicit emotions, and to what extent designers can influence or ‘design for’ these emotions.

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM PT/ 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET
Speakers: Laura Militello, M.A, Robyn Clay-Williams, BEng, Ph.D., Nicole Yamada, M.D, M.S

Human error is human nature, so how can we as healthcare professionals, make it easier to get things right and harder to get things wrong? When we apply human factors approach to pediatric simulation, we refocus to gain a deeper understanding of design, systems and process that may hamper us in our attempt to deliver best care. Human factors science is complex and multifactorial. This symposium will provide a deeper understanding of human factors, reshape mind sets and better support safety and quality care of children. This event will be held virtually on Zoom. You can join us LIVE to have the chance to ask questions during the Q&A sessions. You can also access the recording ON-DEMAND for 2 weeks and still earn CE credits!  
HFES and AES Webinar Recording Available

On Tuesday, August 30, HFES and the Applied Ergonomics Society (AES) delivered a joint discussion-based webinar centered around common anthropometric challenges faced by both academics/researchers and industry/practitioners, including:

  • Use of biomechanical measurements, their modeling, and their application to real-world scenarios using anthropometry as the driver of equipment, products, workstations, and work process design implications when anthropometrics is not considered in design and how one must compensate or adjust after the fact.

The organizers wish to make the recording and some materials available to the community. Please visit the sites below for more information:

Airplane Geeks Podcast with Dr. Mica Endsley

Mica Endsley, HFES Government Relations Committee Chair, was recently a guest on the “Airplane Geeks” podcast. She joined to discuss airline seating from comfort and safety perspectives and spoke about the human factors relevant to this topic. The FAA is seeking public comment on airline seating at the direction of Congress. HFES has submitted public comments on this important issue.

Click below to listen to Mica's interview on the Airplane Geeks show.
2023 Health Care Symposium Updates
Call for Submissions For HFES Health Care Symposium

The Program Committee for the HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care is excited to launch the 2023 Call for Proposals. Focused on important human factors and ergonomics issues affecting the health care industry, the next HFES Health Care Symposium will take place March 26-29, 2023 in Orlando, FL.

Submit your proposal today to showcase your latest work. We are currently seeking submissions for papers, lectures, and posters. Submitters are only required to submit a title, contributor list, summary, and learning objectives; no paper is required. If a submission is accepted, the authors will have the option to submit a paper for publication but this is not required. Please see the 2023 submission site for details about the nature of your work and steps for contribution. The submission deadline is October 14.
2023 mHealth Student Design Competition

Preparations are underway for the mHealth Student Design Competition at the 2023 Human Factors in Health Care Symposium! We are reaching out to seek reviewers, coaches, and judges for the various stages of the competition. If you’d be willing to serve as a reviewer, coach or judge, please indicate the same by clicking this link.
Industry News
Member News Submission

The HFES Volunteer Committee is seeking student volunteers to conduct member interviews at the Annual Meeting. Through the interview process, volunteers will have the opportunity to interface with HFES members at all levels. Volunteers are asked to complete at least one twenty minute interview. In addition, volunteers will have the chance to win a Space Gray 64 GB iPad Mini.
Visit HFES Connect and Click on the Volunteer Opportunities: HFES Member Interviews at the Annual Meeting to register. 
Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors (IF = 3.598)

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

The global investment in renewable and sustainable energy systems is critical for addressing the climate crisis. The investment is scaling up new energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc.; building out smart grids to transmit energy flows that fluctuate throughout the day and incorporate large-scale energy storage systems; developing green manufacturing of steel and cement; transitioning to clean automobiles, busses, trucks, trains, and planes that use electricity or green hydrogen; expanding networked vehicle charging systems; incorporating smart building heating and air-conditioning systems and electrical appliances; etc. However, the rapid changes of these complex systems can be accompanied by failures that slow adoption. Human factors and ergonomics (HF/E) plays a critical role in the design for usability and reliability of such complex systems

The proposed special issue invites contributions that address HF/E in the design and adoption of renewable and sustainable energy systems and devices. Papers can approach the topic by proposing theoretical frameworks, conducting modeling or laboratory experiments, or presenting findings from field studies on renewable and sustainable energy topics.
University of Southampton Student Wins 2022 Dieter W. Jahns Student Practitioner Award

Congratulations to Siobhan Merriman, a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton in the United Kingdom for winning the 2022 Dieter W. Jahns Student Practitioner Award. The award will be presented to Siobhan during the 2022 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Register for the 8th ErgoX Symposium

ErgoX showcases and applies the latest ergonomics science to workplace health, safety, wellness, and injury-prevention issues across a variety of domains and settings.
With the theme this year, “Designing Technology for People”, ErgoX will address how we can advance safe and effective user technology adoption. ErgoX will explore the latest in new technology and research and its applications in human factors and ergonomics. The 8th ErgoX Symposium features four concurrent tracks: Exoskeletons, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and our newest offering - Extended Reality. Meet with exhibitors and grow your professional network at ErgoX.
Join us October 14 & 15 - immediately following the 66th Annual Meeting of HFES at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, GA, USA. 
HFES Calendar of Events
Attention Chapters, Technical Groups, Affinity Groups and beyond – HFES is pleased to post information concerning any upcoming meetings, webinars, or other events you wish to raise awareness about on our Calendar of Events page. We also will post meetings of allied societies provided they do not occur close to any HFES organized activity.
Let us know about your meetings and other events
NIST Seeks Comments on Risks in Design, Development, Use, and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Systems

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking comments on two just-released publications to address risks in the design, development, use and evaluation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems.
FPE Updates
Two More Innovative FPE Programs Inviting Your Support

The Foundation for Professional Ergonomics continues to provide groundbreaking programming with two more initiatives for promoting professionalism in Human Factors/Ergonomics practice worldwide.

Webinars on Core Topics for HF/E Practice: Many professionals involved in HF/E practice lack training in specific parts of the field’s core curriculum – or may need a refresher on these topics. BCPE has defined the core curriculum, which is widely accepted by university degree programs, and which serves as the foundation for professional certification.

Short Course – Overview of Professional Certification in HF/E: At the past several Applied Ergonomics Conferences (AEC), FPE has offered a short course to familiarize participants with the core topics for professional certification, with emphasis on the BCPE process. The small size of the review class makes it possible to focus the discussion to the audience's needs by answering specific questions and practicing human factors problem solving scenarios. 

These projects were made possible through contributions by HF/E professionals who provided their time, expertise, and financial donations. If you would like to support these or other FPE projects, visit
FPE Provides a Helping Hand to HF/E Professionals

The Foundation for Professional Ergonomics (FPE) continues to provide groundbreaking programming promoting Ergonomics Professionalism worldwide. One such recently initiated program is Special Needs Assistance.
Hardships can arise for HF/E practitioners, making it difficult for them to continue their work, as during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, a small amount of financial assistance may be sufficient to satisfy their needs. For example, FPE has provided funds to maintain annual dues for BCPE certificants who have financial need. This enables those practitioners to continue their work within the standards of certification. In the past, FPE has also provided solar chargers to University of Puerto Rico students following Hurricane Katrina, enabling them to continue their education. Tuition support for a foreign student at a US university enabled him to finish his final semester and become an HF/E practitioner in his home country. A new project under consideration is to assist worthy professionals, in one of many possible ways, either directly in Ukraine itself, if feasible, and/or Poland which has taken the major responsibility for refugee resettlement, following the recent Russian incursion.
FPE works closely with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) and the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE), allowing us to coordinate and collaborate on such projects of mutual interest and value. Such projects were made possible through contributions by HF/E professionals who graciously provided their time, expertise, and financial donations. 
FPE Promotes Professionalism in HF/E Practice Worldwide

FPE and the Ergonomics Committee of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) are in the final stages of updating their Ergonomic Assessment Toolkit with assistance from the NIOSH NORA Musculoskeletal Health Council. The Toolkit is an online guide to 25 free tools that can help practitioners assess the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. 
FPE Promotes Human Factors/Ergonomics Professionalism Worldwide Through Impact Grants

The Foundation for Professional Ergonomics is pleased to announce another recent initiative for promoting Human Factors/Ergonomics Professionalism worldwide. Impact Grants are intended as seed funding for small (pilot) projects that could potentially lead to more extensive funding opportunities from other sources in the future.
Senate Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Appropriations Bills

On July 28, the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations released all 12 of its Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 spending bills. The priorities and funding levels articulated in these draft bills reflect Democratic priorities and will set the Senate’s initial position for negotiations with the House, which released their FY 2023 spending bills earlier this year. However, a deal is unlikely to be reached before current funding for FY 2022 expires on September 30, and a Continuing Resolution is expected to extend current funding levels for all federal Agencies until closer to the end of this calendar year. Like the House, the Senate bills would provide increases in funding for Democratic priorities, including climate change and clean energy, healthcare, workforce development, and social justice; but in many cases, these amounts would be less than the substantial increases proposed in the FY 2023 President’s Budget Request. Highlights of the Senate bills and programs relevant to the human factors community, including links to more in-depth analysis are below.  
HFES wants to promote the important achievements of our members in the bi-weekly Bulletin. Appropriate topics include research milestones or other significant achievements, professional accolades, awards or recognitions, promotions or new positions, and similar professionally-oriented topics. If you would like to share news with the HFES community, please fill out the form
Additionally, if you are made aware of the passing of any members of HFES, please let us know. Contact HFES Executive Director Steven Kemp at
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