HFG December 2020 Newsletter

Please look to your INBOX soon for the latest Plan News which will have updates regarding eligible mental health practitioners effective January 1st, 2021.

As always, we are here to help if you wish to review your plan coverage and/or the many FREE resources available.

Stay safe!

Free HR Resources through Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB)
Your Chambers Plan coverage includes Business Assistance Service (BAS) at no additional cost. Included in the service is access to Arete's Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB). This online library of resources can help business owners increase their knowledge of, and find answers to, common human resource issues that can impact their organization.

There are sections on self-development, people management, and business essentials including:

· Guides and workbooks to help you work through a particular topic
· Samples and checklists to help you develop your own materials
· Articles relevant to owning and managing a business
· Podcasts that share learnings from Canadian experts

Access by logging in to your www.my-benefits.ca Admininstrator profile and find Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB) on the left hand side menu!
3 Legal Questions On COVID-19 And Employee Rights
COVID-19 has touched all aspects of our lives, socially, mentally, and economically. We’re working remotely, away from our offices, isolated and alone, leaving many employees wondering how this pandemic has changed their fundamental rights.
HRD has compiled the most frequently asked questions on employment law and COVID-19.
21 People Share Their Secret To Staying Positive During Hard Times
We are all facing our own unique challenges at this time, and 2020 has been providing us with lots to endure and overcome!  Sometimes it just helps to know that we aren’t alone in our struggle. In this article from Bustle, some people are willing to share their coping techniques and daily practices with the hope it may help others.  Feel free to share with someone you care about.
Chambers Plan Update
New Employee Adds – Booklets & Benefits Cards 

When a new employee is added to the Plan, the Plan Administrator can access their Employee Booklet and Benefits Card on my-benefits, as can the Plan Member once their coverage takes effect.

As an enhancement to this process, effective immediately, for any new employee joining the Plan, we will provide an email to the Plan Administrator that includes a PDF copy of the employee booklet and benefits card, which they can forward to the new Plan member.
Click below to view this 3 minute video to learn how to add a new employee using the NEW paperless on-line enrolment!
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