August 30, 2022

Please enjoy the following articles, commentary, and financial tid-bits. We look forward to aligning your personal values, vision, and wealth.
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If money wasn’t an obstacle, would you change anything about your life? Then the most important follow up question: WHY?

This podcast is not only for those living in the lottery world. If we truly believe that money is the tool that's going to help you live the life you want to live, then we need to think about what you value most. In our planning process we will ask questions to get you thinking about what you value. This may go outside your comfort zone, but our goal is to help you figure out how to align your money with your values, so you can live a fulfilled life.


The Inflation Reduction Act’s Impact on Retirees

If you just go by the title, you may have missed that the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law last week actually makes some significant changes to Medicare. Read this Morningstar article that dives into how the new law will affect retirees in the coming years.

Morningstar Article

I'm Now A Rugged Maniac

Desiree, Cayden and I did our first Rugged Maniac race on Saturday, July 30th at Maple Grove Raceway (no, Adam wasn’t there) with our friends and their two boys.

By Benjamin Haas


Pictures of the Week

Back to school, just starting school, and a Yankees game! 

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