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August 2016
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Thursday, August 18
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2015 Community Report

Cli ck on the link below to view Holland Free Health Clinic's 2015 Community Report. Thi s re port highlights a year of accomplishments made possible through the work of our volunteers, collaboration with partner organizations, and the support from many in our community. 

HFHC Granted $1,500 through the Michigan Oral Health Coalition!

The  Michigan Oral Health Coalition assists local communities by funding oral health coalitions that create innovative and effective approaches  for preventing and managing oral diseases. T he 2016 Community MOHC's Mini-Grant Program:  Reinventing Oral Health in Michigan is providing  $1,500 in support of the Lakeshore Dental Access Coalition, a network of local dentists and community partners in collaboration to improve oral health in the community. 

The most recent LDAC project is a collaboration with the Miles of Smiles dental bus that increases clinic capacity and allows dentists to treat an  additional 20 patients per month! We are honored to receive this grant from the Michigan Oral Health Coalition.
Bridging the Gap

Since January  2016, we have 
provided  25 dentures and partials.
These services have a total value of $35,045 but are priceless to the patients who receive them. We are so proud of our volunteer dentists who change our clients' lives each and every day!
New comprehensive intake system encourages collaboration and relationship with clients
An Introduction to the HFHC Needs Assessment

I mplemented in January 2016, the Needs Assessment program has undergone major expansion and refinement and has become the new point-of-entry for all clinic services. Trained Client Advocates facilitate conversation with new clients that allows them to address unmet needs - healthcare and beyond. This process allows HFHC to better understand client needs and connect them with on-site services or partner organizations who can meet and provide the requested services. 

We have trained five new Client Advocates and one administrative assistant who initiates and completes the client tracking process and ensures a smooth transition into the requested services. Since May 2016, the project has seen a 300% increase in client internal referrals and a six fold increase in external referrals than the first five months of the program combined! 

We are proud to have empowered so many clients with the resources and services they need. 
Licensed Counselors Needed

G iven the increasing demand for mental health services, t he HFHC counseling program is running at maximum capacity and is in desperate need of 
additional licensed counselors or psychiatrists  willing to  volunteer their time and expertise.

If you know of someone who may be 
intere sted  in  serving, please contact our  Mental Health Program Coordinator

Coral Swieringa 
Phone: (616) 392-3610 ext. 4
Donate a Smile

Donate a Smile

"Those are the needs I see being met every day; people coming in with a need and walking out with a smile."

Take a short break from your day to watch this great video that captures Holland Free Health Clinic's patients, services, and mission so well! HFHC has made tremendous impact on improving access to healthcare, but your support is needed to ensure our mission continues.