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Year in Review

Season's Greetings & Happy New Year

Congratulations, you've almost made it to the finish line. The finish line of 2020, that is.

It is an understatement to say it has been a difficult year. Back in January, who could have envisioned this year?

As we write our yearly review and preview the next year in healthcare facilities management, we do so with the burden known as 2020 still pressing squarely on our collective shoulders. Simply, it does not feel good to conduct a review of 2020. Like many of you, we wish to move on and renew. 

As we approach 2020's end, I am reminded of my late mother. When I was a kid on New Year's Eve, she would open the front door to our house, get out the broom, and sweep out the old, to welcome in the new when the clock struck 12 am. I can still picture the door and the broom, and I can see her and hear her voice as she welcomed a new year into our home. 

We look forward to December 31, and January 1.

Our thoughts are with all who may have suffered a loss this year, be it a loved one, a job, a career, or your hope for better.  Hopefully 2021 is brighter, more prosperous, and more blessed than 2020 for all.  

Focus on You

Likely, you have spent most of this year outwardly focused on helping others in and around your hospital. You probably neglected thinking about yourself or your career. Below, we offer links to some of our best career advice offered in 2020. We have much more available on our web site, including sample career paths followed by healthcare facility management professionals.

But first, let us give you a piece of advice that job seekers sometimes neglect to think about before their interview. It is really quite simple:

Know why you want the job, and be able to articulate why you want the job. Your answer should be reflective and insightful, and it should be more than
"I don't like where I am." 

That may be why, but that also does not make a prospective employer warm and fuzzy about your candidacy. Think of your why before you get to the interview.

 The G/MA Career Hub is here

Have you heard of Emotional Intelligence? Do you care about Emotional Intelligence?

You may not care, but you should. Emotional intelligence, and technical aptitude, are mandatory leadership requirements for healthcare facilities management. 

What does that have to do with the Career Hub? Well, in the Career Hub, you will be able to find podcasts, the latest news in healthcare facility management, career ladders, job descriptions and opportunities, and resume advice. Make sense of today's HFM landscape; check out the Career Hub!

High Reliability, the Healthcare 
Facilities Management Podcast

At least one positive development occurred for us in 2020. We decided to record and release the High Reliability podcast, dedicated specifically to the Healthcare Facilities Management discipline. It has been a fun undertaking and a success, so far we have recorded 18 episodes with professionals like you. Each one is chock full of learning for HFM Pro's; see full listings by clicking on the link below. And make sure you subscribe!

Our 18th and final episode of the year is with my business partner Jack Gosselin. This episode is loaded with great information, including Jack's beginnings in healthcare engineering and the founding of Gosselin Associates way back in 2004. Along the way, we will talk sailing, real engineers, communication skills, and interview best practices. Give the episode a listen and catch up on all the rest over the holidays.  


If you would like to propose an idea for a future podcast, drop an email to 

An Engineering Society Invite
to Lunch & Learn with Us in 2021 

Do you ever consider your career or your role in it? You should be an active participant, the star of your own reality show. 

In 2021, book a 45-minute Lunch & Learn Webinar for your Healthcare Engineers Society. During this session, we touch on several areas to help make sense of healthcare facilities today and to provide some perspective to attendees, including:
  • Current state / big picture
  • Trends driving industry
  • Career competencies
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills

"That was a wonderful presentation you made and gave me some fresh perspectives on the facility management world." Don Doherty, Healthcare Engineers Society of Northern Illinois (HESNI), Office Administrator

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