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welcome to the HG Lighting Design newsletter.  


Every day I am reminded how small our community is. We all work in our own circles and we are so busy that it's hard to keep in touch with each other and use each other as the valuable resources that we are. 


I want to use this newsletter as a means of keeping in touch with you and letting you know about what I've been working on. I also hope this will encourage you to share your news and projects with me. 


It's hard to keep track of everyone's growing list of skill sets.  For example I am always bemused when a collaborator introduces me to someone else saying "oh Herrick designs lights for this type of thing" when I'm thinking "well that's partially correct but I also do so many other types of things".  It's hard to keep track of what all of us are capable of and I personally hope to do a better job of letting people know what I do and also know more of what you do too.  


Catching up with the past

Allow me to bring you up to speed on what HG Lighting Design has done in the past 16 months.   


In September HG Lighting Design moved offices to "The Studio" in the Film Center building 630 9th ave suite 1205.  feel free to stop by and say hello. 



Theater: Off Broadway- Jasper in Deadland, 50 Shades the Musical Parody; NYC Festivals-Song of Solomon, Zucotti Park;  Regionally- Light In The Piazza, Funny Girl, Eric Jordan Young's Shakin (co-design/Vegas), Two Gentlemen Of Verona.


Corporate: CNN Up Front, Johnson Controls Annual Meeting, Cisco Product Launch, Nike Carmelo "shoe drop", Drama Fever Awards, 1st Ever TedX Fulton St., Harman Kardon  ESPN All- Star Events,  The New 42nd St. Gala Reception @ The Lyric Theater. 


Film: The Nest with Tina Fey, Untitled Xmas Project with Seth Rogan & Miley Cyrus, Money Monster with George Clooney

**easter egg, I actually appear in each of the last 2 films! Stay tuned for more. **


Architectural: 4 brand new rooms at Madame Tussauds 42nd st. Attraction, Hess Oil Houston, Town Hall meeting room for 500, Manhattan School of Music.


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Future & Current Projects

All's Well That Ends Well, Evita, La Cage Aux Folles. 

MD Anderson 75th anniversary @ Minute Maid Ballpark, Johnson Controls, Others.. 

Saxony Hotel Nightclub Miami- Architect Bazmark w/ Stages Consultants.

A few special people
It's always nice to be recognized so I'd like to take this time to add a nod to many of the people I've had the pleasure of working with in the last several months.  Most of them can be found in the projects listed above.  

Brandon Ivie, Ryan Scott Oliver, Al Samuels, Mindy Cooper, Eva Price & Maximum, Andrew Asnes, Luis Salgado, Heather Hogan, Bill Roudebush, Maura Hanlon, Janine Perry, Justin Cheatham, Eric Jordan Young, Gerry McIntyre, Steven Yuhasz, Brian Prather, Grier Coleman, Claire Kelly, Maia Robbins-Zust, Rob Ingram, Tristan Valencia, Senovva, Jerry Romano, Worldstage, Susan Nicholson, John Ackerman, Lisa Sanders, Aces2Spades, Chris Mcmeen, Christie Lites, Aaron Sylvan, Lorin Lattaro, Prospect Theater Company, Cape Rep Theatre, Richard Hollyer, John Velez, Ryan Rodriguez, Joel Tischcoff, Eugene Meienhofer, Matty Libatique, Ted Read, Danny Ward, MK Blazek, Patrick Fayhey, Mary Robinson, Dan Bonitsky, Dave Jensen, and more. 

Congratulations to "Jasper in Deadland" on it's new production at Seattle's 5th Avenue. I wish that show all the best. It's so great to see a project get a new life. 

Also Congratulations to the team from "50 Shades" on a recently completed 14 month run Off-Broadway. 

Photo credit Matt Murphy
Call for Collaborators

received a call from my dear friend talented Aerialist/ Stunt woman/ choreographer, Mam Smith

She and I are in the process of creating something that will look and feel incredible.  
We are in early stages of development.  I think it will be loosely based on "The Night Circus"

We know it will involve aerial choreography, Video Bitmapping, and incredible lighting.  I'm certain we will need talented people to join us. If you are interested let me know. 

Photo Credit Scott Sloan
Thanks for taking the time to catch up with  HG Lighting Design. I'm never too busy to discuss new projects, my phone and email are always on.  Drop by the new office and lets catch up. 


Herrick Goldman
HG Lighting Design inc