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Happy Solstice! The city is heating up and HG Lighting Design has been hard at work designing lighting for all sorts of projects.
Christie's Auction House @ Rockefeller Center
In late 2015, HG Lighting Design was approached by Christie's Auction House to provide lighting design services for their galleries on a full time basis. We helped Christie's find two excellent candidates to work full time with their specialists and art handlers, and introduced Jonathan Talley and Lois Catanzaro to the ever-shifting world of gallery lighting design. HGLD  also brought Kara O'Grady on board to help with logistics. If you think, "oh it's just pointing light at paintings", you couldn't be more mistaken.  

There are 17 galleries that shift property each week.  Imagine the MET or the MOMA -- and now imagine them changing their shows and permanent collections each week.  At the height of the auction season, team HGLD had up to seven people working in the building to light hundreds of works of art.  For one 43 million dollar Rothko, we changed an entire gallery from direct tungsten to diffuse daylight using LED fixtures installed outside the gallery.  The results were beautiful and affected the viewing and experience dramatically.  In the same show as the Rothko, we had Koons equilibrium next to Henry Moore next to Calder.  Basquiat, Monet, Picasso, & Chagall were all represented. 

This project has been utterly fascinating. I'm a novice art historian, as I believe all designers must be, and to see unique pieces that have been in private collections for years is a wonderful experience.  If you happen to find yourself near Rockefeller Center, just walk in.  The galleries are free and open to the public.  I've put some photos below, although they don't do justice to the work being done by our team.

Here's a fun video of the Koons piece:

Catching up on the Spring
January saw me back at work with the team from Money Monster doing re-shoots before the release. The Grammy Foundation asked me to design a night of music with Gregg Allman at the Time Inc. Theater.  For the tenth year, HG Lighting Design has designed the Covenant House Night of Broadway Stars at NJPAC.  This event has helped to raise millions of dollars for homeless kids in New Jersey and across the US.  I also collaborated with Stages Inc. on a new event space at Neuehouse LA. 


I've been working on pre-production for the lighting design of a re-boot of the 70's kids show "Wonderama". We'll be shooting new episodes in NYC in July. I'm looking forward to using plenty of new technology like the Elation Satura Pro and the PRG Ground Control system & Best Boys for key lighting. 

One of my favorite directors, Bill Roudebush, has asked me to design "City of Conversation" this Fall  at Delaware Theatre Company.  It's a beautiful script that I suspect will be very powerful to see during this election cycle. 

photo - lx by others

I'm thrilled to be going back in to the New Victory Theater this Fall with Jason Bishop.  The first time I collaborated with the wonderful team at the New Victory was on Anti-Gravity's Crash Test Dummies.  Since then I've designed the pre-show portion of their annual gala several times.   

HG Lighting Design has a lovely new home in Times Square, located at 41st and Broadway.  I've made a personal goal of reaching out to old friends and potential collaborators -- I feel that in this day of Facebook and Twitter we are losing inter-personal contact, to wit, if you find yourself in NYC and want to meet for coffee, please don't hesitate to reach out. The new HGLD office has a beautiful roof deck where we can catch up. 

I hope you have a wonderful and productive Summer, and I look forward to seeing many of you in person. 


Herrick Goldman
HG Lighting Design inc