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First day of Spring, March 20
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March 8.

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Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
March 2020
Tony Castiglie, Vice President and Treasurer
I do not recall a single frost during this past Winter. Usually, I have some plants die back in Winter only to return in Spring. Not this year. Most vegetation remained green.
Signs of Spring are all around us: return to Daylight Saving Time, budding trees, and tons of pollen that goes along with that. This year, the first day of Spring (Vernal Equinox) is Thursday March 19. Is that unusual? The last time Spring began this early was 1896. (My wife tells me only I would know something like that!)
Regardless of the season, Houston Ground Angels continue to rock along.
The Stats
·        Missions Run, February – 240.
·        Missions Run, 2020 – 479.
·        Daily Average – 8.
·        Monthly Average – 240.
·        Volunteers Running Missions – 45.
·        Unfulfilled Missions – 153 (26.23%).
·        Uber Missions – 56; 22% of total.
The Archangels
Of the 479 missions run this year, 67% were run by the Archangels, our Top Ten Volunteers. Who are they? Pretty much, same as last year.
Top 10 Volunteers – 2020
Dick Stabell 86
Charles Whitworth 67
Gerry Rein 38
Sandra Begalke 32
David LaFargue 24
Derek King 19
Bo Hunter 18
Buena Burnett 13
Edie Cantu 13
Peggy Johnson 10
Bob Joyce 10
We are deeply appreciative for the dedication of all our volunteers, but there are always a few who stand out. Dick Stabell, Charles Whitworth, Gerry Rein and Sandra Begalke are continuing their outstanding mission totals.  Other volunteers are also on their way. Where would we be without them!
The real success of this organization has always been those select few who run lots of missions, some who have been with us for many years and have chalked up big numbers. The accumulative contribution of these volunteers:
All Time & Still Active
Charles Whitworth 1,885
Sandra Begalke 1,180
Dick Stabell 940
Charles Gibson 860
Mary Hutto 636
Houston Ground Angels has now completed over 30,000 missions since it began as a separate entity back in 2006!
Uber continues to work out well in filling some gaps for some truly needy patients. We no longer provide blanket, across the board, Uber rides for patients whose requests we are unable to fulfill with volunteers. Over the years Mission Coordinators Mary Hutto & Kathy Cardiff have developed a relationship with most patients and are able, for the most part, to identify the truly needy. So we now rely on their judgement.  We will continue to closely monitor the Uber program.
Through the efforts of Director Derek King, working with a volunteer group from Insperity, we are making some major progress in getting the Mission Management System under control. The addition of Derek to the board has been a big plus. It has been a long and tedious process but Derek has to be commended for his persistence and dedication.
Returning Volunteer
February did not bring us any new volunteers although we had one returning volunteer. Ben Dyer, who resides in the Champions/FM1960 area originally joined our organization in August 2009. After several years’ hiatus, we welcome Ben back.
As always, to every Volunteer who steps up, thanks for your contribution. The year 2020 should be an interesting and productive year for Houston Ground Angels. Wishing everyone good health and prosperity. Peace and love to all.
Happy Birthdays to
our March

Ruth Hearn 03/03
Mauro Cuellar 03/05
Karen Rudinger 03/06
Tony Larosa 03/10
Lynn Walker 03/11
Ashley Fulton 03/12
Henry/Stacie Walters 03/21
Cindy Johnson 03/27
And the founder of Houston Ground Angels:
Kathy Broussard 03/31

We are once again acknowledging our active volunteers' birthdays. If you are an active or new volunteer, please be sure that we have your birthday. We would be very disappointed if we missed someone's birthday.

Board Members At Work for
Houston Ground Angels

Houston Ground Angels' board members are often out and about in the community, telling people about our organization, recruiting volunteers, and making the community-at-large aware of the service we provide to those coming to Houston for medical treatment. For example, Bob Joyce recently spoke at The Rotary Club of Humble, where about 35-50 people attended the meeting.

Bob is also the new president of Houston Ground Angels' Board of Directors! Thank you Bob for all you do for our organization!
Houston Ground Angels' Gathering
Buffalo Soldiers Museum
March 15, 2020

Houston Ground Angels' volunteers visited the Buffalo Soldiers Museum, Saturday, March 15. We had a cocktail hour before touring the museum. It was great to see everyone, and have a time to visit, exchange patient stories and make new friends. We have some of the greatest volunteers around and it is always a pleasure when we get together.

At the Buffalo Soldiers Museum, we also had our own private docent tour. The docents, who are the Museum's officers and gentlemen were dresses in uniforms. These men were history buffs and their knowledge and entertaining stories kept everyone's attention. Very interesting place.
We would like to thank our sponsor for this Houston Ground Angels' outing, our board member Mr. Dave LaFargue. Dave is another of our very active board members, and this is not the first event he has sponsored. Thank you Dave for all you do for HGA !
Mission Anyone?

Please check the website to see if there is a Mission that fits your schedule. Our patients are counting on us!

white angel wing isolated on black color
Thank you to all of our volunteers for all you do for our patients! We receive letters continually about how much it means to those we provide services for.
Thank you, thank you!
Newsletter Writer: Rebecca Maitland
Edited by: Mary Hutto
Published by Houston Ground Angels
For questions or comments, please call: 832.752.9645.