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Winter 2023
Welcome to a New Year and the promise of a new gardening season! Whether you intend to start your first vegetable garden this spring, plan to refresh a landscape planting you've had for many years, or want to identify "what's bugging" a tree, shrub, or indoor plant, we are here to help you succeed using trusted, science-based information. Get started using our online resources, send your gardening questions to Ask Extension, and check out local events hosted by Extension Master Gardeners.
2023 Gardening Calendar

Our 2023 Monthly Tips & Tasks Calendar is filled with ideas and reminders to help you have a successful and productive year in the garden. Use it to plan your seed sowing, planting dates, and more! Download the calendar
January is for Garden Planning
Starting plants from seeds is a fun and economical way to garden. How do you decide which seeds to buy? Master Gardener Erica Smith offers excellent advice to help you plan.
Guide to Invasive Plants

Winter is a good time to identify and manage some types of invasive plants, like English ivy!

Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas is the go-to field guide for identifying invasive plants in Maryland. A new edition of this guide was recently published and is available online and in print.
Ask Extension
Is this fungus/mushroom harmful to our maple?
We recently noticed this fungus/mushroom growing on a large silver maple. I believe it appeared or grew to this size sometime in the past few weeks. Is it harmful to our maple? Should it be removed?

Learn About & Improve Your Soil
Healthy soils grow healthy plants with fewer pest and disease problems. University of Maryland Extension web pages can help you with soil improvement, filling raised beds, and selecting fertilizers. A basic soil test will give you the soil pH, nutrient and organic matter levels, and recommendations for fertilizer and lime, if needed.

If you want to learn more about the soils around your home or in your community check out the new Rutgers University factsheet on using the Web Soil Survey, a free resource from USDA-NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Services).
On the Maryland Grows Blog
Each week on our blog you will find a new article addressing topics such as pollinator conservation, growing native plants or food, or how to solve plant pest and disease problems.
Featured Article
University of Maryland Arboretum
Did you know the University of Maryland is an arboretum & botanical garden? The entire College Park campus is an award-winning public garden with dozens of gardens to enjoy and more than 15,000 woody plants. Explore the collections and inventory and plan your visit! 

(Photo: Sam Bahr, horticulturist)
UMD Research Highlights
bee on penstemon flower

UMD entomologist and Maryland Grows blogger Anahí Espíndola urges conservation landscaping.

Cat outdoors are at risk of contracting diseases and causing native wildlife declines.
We're Hiring!
The University of Maryland Extension is hiring a Business Services Specialist to support the operational and administrative functions of the Home and Garden Information Center and the Master Gardener Program. Candidates should apply online by January 25, 2023.

GreenScapes Event
The GreenScapes Symposium is an annual program sponsored by Brookside Gardens. This year's program will offer strategies to achieve a range of goals, including the design of landscapes that reduce carbon footprints and are resilient to climate change. Speakers also will explore innovative design and maintenance practices that bring visual order to naturalistic gardens and make them more palatable to neighbors and HOAs.

February 17, 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (online); $55

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