TIP #10

At Macks Mo we believe that there's always space for the things you love. When it comes to food, we do believe it is important to know + understand the reasons why you love them, though. Like, is is really love or out of habit? There's a big difference! Food you love can bring you pleasure, but remember, it doesn't fulfill you or bring you happiness [read more on that here and reference back to Tip #3 for more on that]. Back to expand on this idea of making space for the foods you love {aka Tip #10} is Sarah from Simply Real Health. 


Cheers to THRIVING. 
- Whitney
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Fact: There is no LACK of treats this time of year. Know that. Anticipate it. But instead of being extreme and sucking out all the joy to this amazing season by telling yourself you "can't or shouldn't" have those things, I have a new idea for you this year. Think about the things you love. The stuff that is not really nutrient dense but that brings you so much joy and happiness and satisfaction when you have it. 


Most people have 3 of these things. List yours out. Know them. Love them. Have them when you feel like it's worth it to you- not just on a daily default or because they are around. Are you with people you love? Celebrating something? Loving every single bite or sip? GREAT. You will never have guilt about it. But the daily routine or habit of it- that daily glass of wine when you're home alone on a Monday night watching TV? It's not the same. So pick the things you love, and have them when you feel like you want to. When it's an occasion- not a daily thing. You will enjoy them more. You'll have less guilt. And start to see a glimpse of this whole balanced healthy daily lifestyle can really be possible without being extreme.


Sarah Adler is a nutrition coach, healthy lifestyle expert, food blogger, real food lover and owner of Simply Real Health-a healthy lifestyle company on a mission to educate, teach, and inspire others to live their happiest + healthiest life.


Sarah launched Simply Real Health a few years ago, with a serious mission to help more people live a healthy daily lifestyle. Without being on a program or diet. With good [read: beautiful-looking + delicious-tasting] food made simple enough for real life, so that more people could feel better, have a happier relationship to food, and free up their life for the things that matter most.


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