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I get up early during the week. Like eeeearly. 5am Monday through Friday. I am sure you can imagine how tempting that snooze button is. My mornings used to go like this - I push it to the last possible second, then jump out of bed and spend the rest of my morning rushing around - which led to me rushing into my day, carrying around this feeling of anxious energy all morning. At night, I would often find my thoughts racing with all the things I didn't get done and couldn't quiet my overstimulated mind - which made it really hard to fall asleep and get enough sleep...which made of course made it harder to get up the next morning. Ugh. It was an awful cycle!

Last year I started doing acupuncture for a number of reasons - one of which was to reduce stress and help me slow down. The first thing my acupuncturist suggested? A morning wake-up + evening wind-down routine. The difference it's made in mine + my client's lives since has been incredible. So much so, that it's what Tip #11 is all about. 

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Let me just start by saying that meditation is hard for me. Or at least what I thought meditation entailed - sit in silence and try to clear my mind from all thoughts. It just didn't work for me. So I gave up trying on this oh-so-beneficial practice...until my acupuncturist suggested a different look. Visualization + Daily Affirmations. Result? Game changer. Suddenly I was able to start my days with calm + ease and finish them with a clear mind, ready for sleep.  

So, as part of today's tip, I encourage you to develop your own morning wake-up routine that energizes you and an evening routine that winds you down. Here are some ideas to get you started: 


In the MORNING, you can try: 

  • Visualization: sit down and run through your upcoming day: think about what you have to do, who you'll see and anything else you have planned/scheduled - and with each piece, visualize exactly how you want them to go. What energy do you want to have and also give off to others? What food will you eat and how will it make you feel? Visualize yourself being happy, productive, focused and loving {plus whatever else!}. There are no limits here! Create your day, visually, exactly how you want it to be!
  • Affirmations: These should always be stated present-tense. For example - "I open my heart to giving and receiving love" {this is one of mine}. Include any statement that reinforces who you want to be, the energy you want to have, the way you treat yourself + your body. Beware though - affirmations are powerful and have the potential to create exactly what you believe/state in your life! :)
  • A short movement sequence to warm up the body + wake you up.
  • Having a glass of warm water {add lemon + fresh ginger for an added digestive bonus!}.
  • Write down 3 things you're grateful for in a gratitude journal.


  • Take a bath with Epsom salts.
  • Develop an evening beauty routine that feels like a spa experience {I use Kari Gran's method}.
  • A yoga sequence to quiet the body + mind. May I highly suggest "legs up a wall" pose? You can google and try any, like for example, this one from Yoga Journal - which also contains morning wake-up suggestions!
  • Affirmations! Here I use ones like "I let go of the day - any work left undone - and let my mind rest".
  • Breathe! Taking 8-10 deep breaths in + out through the nose and visualize letting the day slip away with each breath. 
  • Read!

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