January Newsletter
January 11, 2021
HHA January Program
"Glendale Cemetery: History, Art and Symbolism - With a Little Disaster Thrown In."
January 14 at 7:30
For its January program, Hudson Heritage Association welcomes Michele Colopy, who will present “Glendale Cemetery: History, Art and Symbolism – with a Little Disaster Thrown In.”

Cemeteries serve as the final resting places for our beloved neighbors, friends and families. But they also do much more, says local author Michele Colopy. Cemeteries serve as museums, parks and classrooms, telling the stories of the communities they serve.

Colopy began researching Akron’s Glendale Cemetery 35 years ago. The result of her work is the definitive history of one of our region’s treasures, titled “Living History, Dying Art: The History of Glendale Cemetery.” Colopy’s presentation will discuss the history, sociology and symbolism of the cemetery.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the January 14 program will be virtual, airing at 7:30 on Hudson Community TV (Channel 1021) and HCTV’s online livestream (www.hudson.oh.us/1081/Watch-HCTV-Channels-Online). For those who miss the broadcast on January 14, the program will be rebroadcast on HCTV and then made available on HCTV’s online archives.

Colopy’s interest in art, sculpture and history drew her to Glendale Cemetery, which was originally called Akron Rural Cemetery when it was founded in 1839. The 88-acre site features curving roads, picturesque landscapes and stunning mausoleums that are modeled after Gothic churches and Egyptian, Greek and Roman temples.
Lion statues, dating back more than 110 years, guard the Walter A. Franklin Mausoleum
at Glendale Cemetery in Akron.

Glendale’s notable residents include Simon Perkins, co-founder of the City of Akron; John Buchtel, founder of Buchtel College (now the University of Akron); F.A. Seiberling, founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.; Eliza Hocking, a survivor of the Titanic disaster; and many others.

“Historic and beautiful Glendale is a city within a city,” she said. “It’s also a mirror to our region, reflecting the community it’s served for almost 200 years. Its memorial art symbolizes love, joy sadness and sacrifice.”

Colopy, who lives in Akron, said that while Glendale served as the city’s early park and a safe place for the departed, it was not free from controversy. “Early on, the cemetery grew easily as the new city prospered but quickly found itself accused of sacrilegious fundraising, part of local politics, body snatching, and very nearly experienced a devastating explosion. “Cemeteries are central to a community,” she added, “and when disaster strikes, the community connection becomes all important.”

“Hudson Heritage Association is excited to have Michele Colopy presenting at our first program of the new year,” said Chris Bach, HHA’s President. “While many of us have marveled at Glendale Cemetery’s natural beauty and striking memorials, few of us realize the significant connection every historic cemetery has with its community. ...this presentation should not be missed.”

Tune in to Hudson Community TV (Channel 1021) on January 14 at 7:30 or visit HCTV’s online livestream (www.hudson.oh.us/1081/Watch-HCTV-Channels-Online). For those who miss the broadcast on January 14, the program will be rebroadcast on HCTV and then made available on HCTV’s online archives.
2021 HHA Preservation Awards
Application Deadline is January 31
The Hudson Heritage Association Preservation Awards recognize and honor historic structures in Hudson that have been well preserved or restored within the last five years in a manner that maintains the historic integrity of the property. No minimum or maximum number of awards will be given in any year.

We encourage our HHA members to nominate preservation/restoration projects for the 2021 HHA Preservation Awards. To be eligible, properties must be at least 75 years old, and may include private residences, commercial buildings, publicly owned buildings, nonprofit organizations and historic landscapes. You can find the information on the Preservation Awards Program and an application for the 2021 Preservation Awards on our website.

Criteria for nominations include:
  • All nominated properties must be located within the City of Hudson.
  • To be considered, restoration and preservation projects must have been completed on or after May 1, 2015.
  • Properties may be nominated by their owners or by another individual or group. If another individual or group nominates a property, the owner must be notified.
  • Consideration for awards will include appropriateness of the materials used on both the exterior and interior parts of the structure, including landscaping materials, and the historic accuracy of any preservation or restorations made.

Nominate a property before January 31, 2021, and help HHA celebrate preservation in Hudson.
HHA Programs Now Available On Demand
HHA is pleased to announce that 27 of its popular monthly programs are now available to watch on demand. The next time you are debating between The CrownThe Queen's Gambit and The Voice, why not tune into:

  • "The Life and Times of Lincoln Ellsworth,"
  • "The Railroads of Hudson,"
  • "Life in Hudson in the 1930s, 40s and 50s,"
  • "The Development of The Green Plan of Hudson 1975."
  • and many more!

Click HERE to find these and all 27 HHA programs on Vimeo.

Hudson Heritage Association extends its gratitude to our friends at HCTV for filming our programs and for making them available through HCTV and Vimeo. We truly appreciate your unwavering support!
2021 Program Dates

HHA is planning a virtual program year for as long as there are state mandates against in-person gatherings. The safety of our members and friends is our priority! Please plan to join us on our regular program dates/times (second Thursday each month at 7:30) when our programs air on HCTV (channel 1021) and Hudson Community Television's HCTV Channels Online or anytime after as the programs are available on HCTV's online archives.

Tune in to HCTV (channel 1021) at 7:30 p.m. as HHA presents the following:

January 14
The Art of Dying, Glendale Cemetery with Michelle Colopy

February 11
Millionaire's Row with Dan Ruminski

March 11
Women of Summit County with Leianne Neff Hepner
Summit County Historical Society

April 8
David's Hudson's Family with Tim Hudson

May 13
HHA Annual Meeting - TBD

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