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Thank You Supporters & Donors
Assalaamu Alayukm WaRahamtullahi WaBarakatahu,

This past year has been one of trial and tribulation for those who faced the most deadliest natural disasters of 2018. From earthquakes to subsequent tsunamis, supers typhoons to volcanic eruptions, wildfires to flooding HHRD Emergency Response Teams have been on location conducting needs assessments to facilitate donor support to those in need. We are thankful to Allah SWT for granting us the resources to provide aid to those who need it most. Your support and generosity have been humbling and we hope to continue this relationship into the new year!
Our Orphan Support Program is supporting 15,084 orphans in over 18 countries
1,000 disabled children are being sponsored in 5 major districts of Pakistan which include: Mansehra, Lower Dir, Chakwal, Nawabshah, and Quetta.
Cataract eye operations have helped 1,050 people in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa. In Bangladesh, 145,600 Rohingya refugees were treated in two of our medical clinics and 1,520 patients were treated at our mobile dental clinic. In Nepal 320 beneficiaries were treated for burns and in Pakistan 19,588 patients benefitted from our Mother Child Health Center, Ambulances and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  
Since 2005, we have raised approximately 2.2 million dollars through our Matching Gift Program. 
HHRD Jordan is supporting 1,500 refugee students in Jordan and Lebanon through its Family Education Support Program. HHRD’s Higher Education Support Program is providing 7 students with a full 4-year scholarship to Al Zarqa University in Jordan. In Pakistan, HHRD is providing educational support for students throughout 35 districts. More than 45 schools are being supported, with around 500 individual students receiving a value-based education. HHRD’s School of Excellence, located in Mogadishu, Somalia, provides education to 300 orphan students between grades K thru 4th. 
The installation of 270 deep water wells and 300 toilets helped 28,500 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, 10 water projects helped 5,250 people in Nepal, 8 water projects helped 5,000 in Afghanistan, and in Jordan, HHRD installed 100 restrooms that helped 500 Syrian and Palestinian refugees, as well as local Jordanians. For refugees in Lebanon, 100 rest rooms were installed in three regions helping 500 people in need, as well as 5 water wells that will now provide clean drinking water for 1,250 people. On the African subcontinent, HHRD has ongoing Water for Life/Sanitation and Hygiene projects of latrines and hand washing areas in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and Tanzania that have helped 125,206 people.  
160 containers, valuing at approximately $23 million, have been sent to Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh to help a collective total of 20 million Syrian, Palestinian, Somalian and Rohingya Refugees as well as, needy local families from In-Kind Gifts.
At 15 Skills Development Centers in Pakistan a total of 2,250 people were trained in specific income generating skills to encourage self-sufficiency, 400 people were trained in Jordan, 328 were trained in Kenya and Somalia, and 70 were trained in Afghanistan.   
Summer Internship Program hired 65 to work along HHRD USA staff in our 13 regional offices. For the first ever Youth for Africa program, 25 youth spent a week of their winter break in Nairobi, Kenya and for the 4 th  annual Youth for Jordan program 33 women and 22 men, spent a week of their summer break in Amman, Jordan.
HHRD performed the Udhiya of 3,330 goats and 11,912 cows, which allowed 15,242 shares to be distributed in 52 countries. Our Seasonal Program also provided food packages, based on local prices, for families in 38 countries and regions with items to last the month. HHRD Jordan's Annual Ramadan Tent served Iftar to 80 families, averaging about 400 individuals per day. 

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