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HHS Updates
HHS Released New Information on Attestation and Terms & Conditions for Provider Relief Funds. 
The following is new:
  • HHS clarified in an email that Medicare providers must attest to separate Terms & Conditions for each payment they receive from the Fund. The Terms & Conditions are slightly different between the first and second round of funds. These differences are detailed in the updated version of the LeadingAge Provider Relief Fund Backgrounder document, which will be added to the LeadingAge COVID-19 page and linked to in an article on the new information described here. Medicare providers who received the second round of funds will use the newly-created General Distribution Portal to upload the required financial information. Through this portal, they will need to attest to each payment associated with their billing Taxpayer Identification Number(s) and upload their most recent IRS tax filings as well as estimates of lost revenues; see also Application Guide for possible addition clarification on “lost revenue”. Providers still have 30 days to go to this website to attest to the two sets of Terms and Conditions.
  • HHS just issued (4/25) a General Distribution FAQ, which provides more clarity on what providers need to do if they have received funds under the general distributions to Medicare providers. The new FAQ document discusses attestations, and the specific financial information providers who have received funds must provide in order to retain dollars. Interestingly, by submitting this information, these providers could be eligible to receive additional funds beyond those payments already received. While there is no new information on the status of distributing funds to Medicaid-only providers, it does state that just because a provider has not yet received a payment does not mean they are ineligible or won’t receive a payment. “HHS is performing an ongoing assessment of how to distribute relief to these providers.” 
From CMS
  • Newly posted general FAQ
  • CMS posted a memorandum on Nursing Home Quality (Five-Star) Quality Rating matters
  • CMS Suspends Advance Payment Program
  • CMS released an announcement that it will suspend the Medicare Advance Payment program; with an accompanying fact sheet, as well. The rationale appears to be that there are significant funds available through the provider relief fund. Unlike Advance payments, Provider Relief Funds do not need to be paid back.
ISDH Updates
ISDH Longterm Care Newsletter

  • Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Reinvestment Application for Communicative Technology
  • Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 Resource Center

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