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Compassionate Consulting        October 9, 2013 
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Several years ago a friend shared a copy of Life Extension Magazine - a true wealth of information! Life Extension funds pioneering scientific research aimed at extending your life in full health. They teach disease prevention and develop treatment protocols. The magazine displays an entire page of doctors and specialists on their medical advisory board and another full page of doctors and specialists on their scientific advisory board. 


When I do research on health issues I use Life Extension. Eeach topic they write about has at least two pages of references that validate the information they give!  They save me a lot of time when clients come to me with serious or complex problems.


Recently I've seen a number of clients who suffer with migraines and since it is a widespread problem I wanted to give YOU some tips on HELP for migraines. If you aren't dealing with migraines yourself, I'm sure you know someone who is! So please share this with them. ♥


HA Did you know that more than 30 million Americans suffer regularly from migraine headaches? Their crippling effects account for an estimated $13-17 billion in lost work productivity each year. Can you guess what we spend on pain relief? Prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers as well as herbal supplements to appease migraines make up a big percentage of the $7.3 billion  Americans spend each year on pain relief!


Even though exact causes of migraines are not definitive, they are distinctly different from tension headaches. Where a tension headache is caused by the building stress and constriction of muscles in the head, neck and face, a migraine is more complex.


Sometimes there is a trigger that sets off a migraine, like bright lights, smoke, or loud noise. Stress and anxiety, skipping meals and not getting enough sleep can trigger a migraine. Certain foods can bring on a migraine like chocolate, wine, caffeine, MSG or aged cheese.


Sometimes people experience an aura - spots, lines or darkened vision before a migraine. Some believe there is a pattern of repeated constriction and dilation of arteries that send blood and nutrients to the brain. These cyclical changes in the nerve pathway and brain chemistry can lead to inflammation of the blood vessels causing a migraine. 


Migraine pain includes pounding and throbbing that usually increases with physical activity. A migraine can be felt on one or both sides of the head. Nausea, vomiting and heightened sensitivity to light and sound are often experienced with a migraine as well.


So what can be done for these awful headaches?

  1. Understanding triggers, like those mentioned above can reduce the number of migraines you experience. Paying attention to SELF CARE as much as possible is a vital asset in preventing migraines. This means quiet time in the morning (meditation, prayer, yoga, etc.) and spending time to prepare healthy foods for meals. It means routine bedtimes with nurturing rituals before sleep. These can make a difference in the frequency of headaches as well as a quicker recovery.
  2. 2006 issue of Life Extension Magazine reports that for over 30 years, migraine sufferers in Germany have been prescribed an herbal extract known as Butterbur. Butterbur has an active ingredient that reduces muscle spasms and seems to especially relax the cerebral blood vessels. Research has shown that taking 75mg of this herb twice a day has decreased the frequency of migraines by almost 50%. The results were not as good with a lower does (50mg).  There was only one side effect mentioned in the research: burping. Practitioners in the U.S. have begun recommending this herb to patients with migraines. Where can you get it?  You can try a natural food store or get it online. Life Extension sells Butterbur : their softgels contain Rosemary which is also helpful for respiratory and allergy symptoms. I see a big difference between Amazon's price (Swanson is a good name) and other google options. 
  3. Because of the complexity of migraine symptoms and possible causes, a good strategy for achieving relief will include several elements. Ginger, the herb and the essential oil has shown itself to be a strong remedy for nausea, pain, inflammation and anxiety making it a great addition to formulas designed to prevent or manage migraine pain.  If your migraines include nausea and vomiting you might find relief from the essential oil of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) in an inhaler. Let me make you one!
  4. One more idea to consider for migraine relief is a blend I can make for you with essential oils that have been researched for their ability to relax muscles, stop spasms and relieve pain. In the clients I've been working with, these blends have made a difference!  A simple blend of jojoba oil (or extra strength with Traumal oil which is a blend of St. John's Wort, Arnica and Calendula oil) with unique essential oils for the pain, inflammation and spasms of a migraine could be of great benefit throughout the day. Your blend can include essential oils like lavender, copaiba, bergamot mint, cajeput, coriander, peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass, honey myrtle, basil, ho wood, linaloe berry, petitgrain, neroli, rosewood, spike lavender, thyme linalool and xanthoxylum. Prices vary depending on which oils I use to create your personal blend. If this sounds inviting to you, please call for a consultation so I can help with your special needs: 585-872-6242 
Sending you best wishes for a pain-free week!
Jean Oswald RN CA
Compassionate Consulting