Secrets to Staying Healthy                                November 6, 2013
We're heading into holidays and many of you will be traveling. Do you pack quickly or do you pour over what would be most helpful to bring? If you haven't noticed by now, travel brings its own vulnerability because a) we're exposed to more toxins in the environment (water, air, microbes, etc), b) we lean on fast foods c) we get less sleep and there are other reasons as well, right?
This is one more reason why it's important to HAVE THINGS ON HAND and bring them with you because when you're away from home - there's a significant chance you'll need them!  MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN FOR A TIME-SENSITIVE SPECIAL OFFER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL. I'm going to suggest more than you need, but here are some basic items to include in your travel kit:
  1. An inhaler with antimicrobial (anti-viral, anti-bacterial) oils for smelling at a moment's notice - if you buy blank inhalers at Abundant Health or Aromatics International you can use any number of essential oils. It's all about personal preference! Some of my favorite anti-microbial oils are Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon or Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Pinion Pine, Silver Fir and Basil. Using 10-15 drops total will give you several months worth of anti-microbial aroma and action. not only are inhalers small and handy but people around you won't be complaining of strong essential oils in their space.
  2. An essential oil blend for calming/relaxing you while under stress - Young Living makes a great roll-on called "Stress Away" with Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea & Lavender essential oils. You can rub it on the temples, your wrists and your chest. It smells wonderful and is quite calming!
  3. Hand sanitizer full of antimicrobial oils - of course Thieves is a great one but you can also make your own with Aloe Vera gel and your favorite anti-microbial oils. Just add 25-30 drops essential oil to a 1 oz bottle and shake well. Use a few drops at a time and rub your hands well. The soft residue dries well. I like the Aloe from Mountain Rose Herbs.
  4. Lozenges made with essential oils or a blend with honey containing citrus essential oils - I gave you a recipe recently for a honey based blend. You can also purchase Thieves soft or hard lozenges. You never know when that tickle in your throat is the beginning of a sore throat. These are great cough drops and the point is that you are coating your throat with anti-microbial oils!
  5. A headache remedy - what works well for you? Do you get sinus headaches? You might want another inhaler - try 5 drops Eucalyptus Blue, 4 drops Ho Wood and 4 drops Hemlock. If your headaches are tension/stress related first decide which essential oils you want to use. Do you like the aroma of Lavender with Marjoram? Have you found Peppermint oil relieves your headache?  What about Frankincense?  To make a headache-relieving blend yourself, pour some jojoba oil into an empty 15 ml essential oil bottle. Then add 3 drops essential oil and mix gently. Add an "aroma glider" or roller ball to your bottle and rub across the forehead. Massage gently and lie down for 10 minutes.
  6. An essential oil blend (I prefer a roll-on) that you can use for pain, swelling and healing in case of injury. If you haven't discovered Trauma Oil for these occasions, it's an absolute godsend!  I also use a roll-on for pain in joints, muscles, neck/shoulders, etc. I use SKS for my supplies. These roll-ons hold 1/3 ounce or 10ml and you would want a strong 5% blend for pain. You'll be using 8-10 drops total of essential oils. One easy recipe for a great pain relief blend might be: 1/3 oz Trauma oil, 3 drops Helichrysum Italicum, 3 drops Palo Santo & 3 drops Copaiba. Mix well and roll over the entire area.

And there are more ideas too: bug spray, throat spray, sunburn spray, deodorant spray, etc. Would you be interested in a workshop where you can make these things for yourself? I am working on some fun classes to offer you after having my own (fun) making them at Aromahead Institute these past few years. Please let me know what you'd like to make and watch for news of these after January 2014. Does this look like too much for you to make yourself? Ask me about making you a travel kit myself with these items ♥


As you get ready to travel this holiday season my hope is that you'll go prepared for anything and find plant remedies better suited for your needs than any over-the-counter medications!



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