How are you doing? I can't believe it's been 4 weeks now since Diva closed its doors for treatments. Time flies even in
Mother's Day isn't far away and it's so important now more than ever to let her know how grateful you are. If anything has taught me, from these current events, it's that life is precious & not to be taken for granted, including our mums.
I have created 2 amazing packages that will bring you back from iso stressed skin to skin health & have you feeling relaxed & refreshed.
I just wanted to give you a heads up on 2 O Cosmedic collections they've put together especially for these current times & for mums. It's geared to all skins & helping get the most out of your at home skincare treatments. Huge savings!
To order any of these just go to Don't forget at the checkout to put in the Clinic Code which is DIVABODY, that way you'll still be supporting my business.
Lastly, I just want to also acknowledge our angel mums, may we think back & be grateful for the time we had with them. I hope you all get a well deserved rest this Mother's Day, for once, You do YOU!
Stay Safe X
You probably have more time now to enjoy this month's read.
Yours in Skin Scrumptiousness,
Sarah X

Mum's deserve to glow and Diva has these 2 out of hibernation packages for her or yourself to enjoy! I can email or post you the vouchers.
Then as soon as my doors open you can indulge in some well deserved self care cause that's important.

When ordering any products you can text or call me & I can post them out to you. If I have no stock available with what your after you can go online through O Cosmedics and place your order. They will post this out to you, free of charge. Be sure at the checkout to pop in Divas Clinic Code to support my business.
Also feel free to post a review on Divas Facebook page regarding your fave product or service. I'd soooo love that as I often get clients telling me in salon but, if you shout it from the mountain tops everyone wins!
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