November 6, 2021


Volume 15, Issue 1
Fellow Porsche Enthusiast......

We're celebrating the Second Anniversary of the Audette Collection AC SHOP. As you know, we started restoring vintage Porsche lighting over 15 years ago and in November 2019 we made a decision to go ahead and build an online store.

With our anniversary I'm changing the format of this little publication a bit and I've given it the name "HIGH BEAMS". Moving forward it will focus of course on the latest and greatest on lighting for air cooled Porsches, but I will also digress on unrelated topics as I have done before, such as stories on personalities such as Tesla and Fresnel, on technology, on personal matters, etc. I'm going put that section at the very end so you can easily ignore it if you're not interested. I hope you enjoy it and your input, good or bad, is encouraged.

The AC SHOP Catalog is steadily expanding as we constantly look for excellent new products worthy of your Porsche. Some recent additions:

  • Added new manufacture JÖRG and Magneti Marelli H4 Headlights (finally!) - Link

  • Discovered a large supply of bulbs for the Fresnel DIY Kit #111: High Performance Signal Bulb Kit - Link

  • Added the Porsche 911 G-Series ('74-'89) Mini Blade Fuse Panel from our new friends at Adapt Motorsport, an interesting emerging new company in Australia. We are their North America partner. - Link

  • Added a number of premier wiring harness products from Netherlands based Kroon including their immensely popular Inline Fuse for Dashboard Lights - Link

  • Increased inventory levels across the board to provide you with faster service

Again, thank you very much for your business, your support, and your positive feedback. It's gratifying to us to make things a little brighter in the air cooled Porsche world.

Gears Low, Revs High.

AC SHOP Joins the 21st Century!
Our focus on headlights for the past 15 years has been restoring originals - until now. We have added H4's from two manufacturers who are currently producing them to our catalog.

LED headlights are gaining rapidly in popularity, but the most common headlights used on air cooled Porsches today are H4 halogen reflector lamps. Originally produced by Bosch )who no longer produce them) they are currently manufactured by a number of companies. We have chosen the following two to add to the AC Catalog:

  • JÖRG H4's are a cost-effective choice for those looking for lower cost headlamps. - Link

  • Magneti Marelli H4's are manufactured only for Porsche, and with the absence of Bosch, most consider them to be the industry standard H4 headlights. - Link

A Short History of H4's
Sealed beams were mandated by DOT in the United States until the early 90's and all cars delivered to the U.S. were equipped with them. Named H5's or, more commonly "sugar scoops", the lights were widely unpopular both for their looks and their pitiful lighting ability. There are probably more sugar scoop parts in landfills around the U.S. than any other Porsche part. They were replaced with a variety of headlights, most commonly by the reflector lamps using H4 halogen bulbs produced by Bosch and called simply "H4's".
Ramblings of an Aging Entrepreneur
on Our 2-year Anniversary
As we know, there seem to be a lot of negative things going on in the world right now. Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic. But there are far more positives than negatives and one of them is the huge growth in entrepreneurship. The Covid crisis caused many to lose their jobs and to devise many creative side hustles.

Also, many started commuting digitally and discovered that they could work just fine without someone looking over their shoulder. A whole new crop of entrepreneurs waiting to be born! As a lifelong entrepreneur myself (I'm not suitable to be an employee) I thought some might be interested in some brief ramblings on the birth of Audette Collection's AC SHOP.

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we launched the AC SHOP. And I'm pleased to report that the toddler is doing just fine. I've launched a number of new businesses over the years and it's interesting how similar their growth process has been, regardless of the type of business.

At first, in their infancy, they are unable to breathe on their own and they have no innate energy. The energy is all provided by you. So there is a phase when you do the breathing for them and provide all of the energy required for their growth. I call that the Maniacal Phase as since all of your energy is needed, you have no life. You need great enthusiasm to get through this phase, which can be either naive enthusiasm or confident enthusiasm (I think the most powerful is naive enthusiasm but that's a one off).

Well, after so many start-ups I'm afraid that I don't have a whole lot of naivete left but there has been some success so I soldier on with a bit of confidence. Especially confidence that if I plow ahead there is a great chance that something magic will happen, as it has happened before. There's a lot of plain old doggedness at this point. And just as you're starting to wear out, if you're fortunate, the magic happens. The life force you have been trying to create, a new company, starts to breathe on its own. You feel it very clearly. It's like when your toddler walks on their own.

That moment happened a few months ago with the AC SHOP. Things start to flow more smoothly. Processes are in place. Your demographic is becoming aware of you. You know your trade better. You get positive feedback. You're on a roll. Fun stuff!

Until you need to start hiring employees - that's another lengthy chapter. One of my companies had almost 100 employees and I discovered there's a big difference between being an entrepreneur and a manager. But that is one of life's better problems as good companies can always find buyers.

Don't be afraid to create and build. All of the opportunity - and the tools - are there as never before. And the beauty of being your own boss is that you can work any 60-80 hours a week that you choose.

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