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Cleveland Business Connects  looks at the current movers and shakers in the business networking, corporate events, and female entrepreneur communities of Greater Cleveland. 

No local publication covers female entrepreneurs, business networking, and corporate events as well as Cleveland Business Connects. With the advent of this "High Risers" newsletter, we are elevating our coverage in these three arenas. Each twice-monthly issue will be comprised of personnel announcements, such as promotions, hirings, and appointments. We invite organizations to forward such information to CBC Editor Thomas Skernivitz at

Wendy Ressing, Terrie Benore, Kristie Jones-Damalas
Skyline Trisource Exhibits

Co-owners quarterback company name change to Skyline Trisource Exhibits .
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Wendy Ressing

Terrie Benore

Kristie Jones-Damalas

Bryan de Boer
Akron Art Museum

Lakewood resident joins Akron Art Museum as director of advancement. 
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Patricia Eversole
Cleveland Play House

Veteran employee with Cleveland Play House receives Heritage Award.
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Kelli Schaffran
K2M Design 

Ten-year veteran takes the helm at K2M in Ohio.