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February 2022| Issue 12
Fast-Tracking the Comp Plan Update
The San Juan County Council has shifted into a full-throttle, get-this-thing-across-the-finish-line approach to the update process for San Juan County’s Comprehensive Plan, or Comp Plan. This has implications for the effectiveness of the Comp Plan and also for public engagement in the update process. The County’s fast-track plan will add more pressure on all of us to be sure that the Comp Plan addresses development, housing, Forest and Agricultural Resource Lands, and climate resilience.
James McCubbin
Friends Legal Director
Welcome James McCubbin, our New Legal Director!
Friends is thrilled to welcome a new Legal Director to our team! James McCubbin will join Friends on March 1st after serving as a deputy county attorney in western Montana for many years. In Montana, he has worked with elected county officials, planning boards, and environmental agencies in adopting, administering, and enforcing local land-use and environmental regulations; his extensive litigation work included multiple appeals to the state supreme court. “I’m excited to work on protecting and restoring the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea,” said James. “Plus, I’m originally from San Francisco, so I can’t wait to get my little sailboat wet again.” James and his wife are looking for a rental -- if you hear of anything, please let us know.
Tina Whitman
Friends Science Director
Celebrating Tina’s 20 Year Anniversary with Friends    
Tina Whitman, Friends’ Science Director, joined our staff twenty years ago this week, on Valentine’s Day, 2002. Tina leads all of Friends’ nearshore habitat protection and restoration programs, conducts scientific research, prioritizes and achieves measurable actions, assists with policy and permit reviews, and is one of the foremost regional experts on nearshore habitats in the Salish Sea. In the words of Brent Lyles, Friends’ Executive Director, “Anyone who has met Tina knows that she brings fierce intelligence, determination, and heartfelt commitment to everything she does at Friends, and our organization would not be the same without her.” Thank you, Tina!
40 Days into the State Legislative Session…Update on our Priorities

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our action alerts and registered support for our legislative priorities! We are more than halfway through the legislative session. Bills (except for those related to the budget) must pass out of the opposite house by March 4. With the release of the revenue forecast, the focus will shift to budget proposals. Take a look at what is still moving forward and what is not.
Voices of the Next Generation: Redefining Exploration. by Kaia Olson

I recently read an article from a Canadian news organization titled “The Future of Exploration.” In it, author Kate Harris examines how traditional exploration's complicated past makes it difficult to reconcile with modern values of justice and sustainability. From Marco Polo to Lewis and Clark, most famous expeditions have been glorified in western culture while simultaneously masking the legacies of colonialism, exploitation, and patriarchy left in their wake.  
Roemer’s fescue Photo by Mike Vouri
Why Does Recurring Membership Matter?
Recurring membership matters because we began as a grassroots organization and 43 years later, the roots that bind us are our members who continue to support our work. We invite you to join as a monthly recurring member so we can all focus on the future.
The Salish Sea’s shorelines are facing a new invader that is threatening native habitats and species -- it is the European green crab, one of the world’s worst invasive species. But you can help monitor for them and support efforts to keep these invaders in check! Visit here to learn ways you can get involved with the important work of detecting the invasive European green crab in our Islands. Learn how to identify the green crab and join the Crab Team to monitor an early detection site. Workshops and trainings are scheduled for early March!
Friends of Friends - Pete and Julie

Pete and Julie have been members for nearly 10 years. We appreciate their support, their hands-on stewardship of the island shorelines, and their respect for the Salish Sea. “We discovered the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea 20 years ago, and we have been visiting multiple times a year as Spencer Spit State Park volunteers, for our saltwater renewal. We know that our endangered Idaho salmon have historically helped feed the Southern Resident orcas. The more we learn about the complexities of the Salish Sea and sea life, the more we hope for a renewal of the sea and its web of life — this is why we support the work at Friends.”
Origin Stories:
January 1985 Newsletter
This historic newsletter provides an in-depth talk by South Burn on “How Tourism Affects Our Economy” -- that is still a relevant topic today. You can also look back and read about the trial for the proposed Limekiln Village development.
What We're Reading
Take some time to explore this stunningly written true story about how one woman delves into her own body’s toxic burden while relating it to Tahlequah’s journey.

Here in the San Juans, OPALCO sees wave and/or tidal power being a big part of their long-term renewable energy goals. This article highlights new wave-power research off the coast of Oregon.
Friends of the San Juans respectfully honors the fact that this beautiful place we strive to protect and restore with our mission-centered work is comprised of the ancestral lands, waters, and natural resources of the Coast Salish peoples. These Tribes have cared for and stewarded the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea since time immemorial — and continue to do so — and we honor their inherent, aboriginal, and treaty rights that have been passed down from generation to generation.
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