Week of: September 27th - October 3rd
God cares about the big and little things in our life!

Jack and I had lost our precious Labradoodle 18 months ago, to cancer. Since then, it has been a desire of ours to get another Labradoodle. We are both allergic to dog hair and we both suffer from asthma so we are limited on the kind of animals we can own. Although getting a new dog was our desire, we had also been prayerfully agreeing that it was vital for Jack and I to invest our time into Hillcrest over this past year. We knew that was God’s best for us and Jack and I were eager to do so. Out of that prayer, desire and calling, Jack has dedicated himself to serving Hillcrest in a volunteer capacity over the past several months. He has joyfully spent hundreds of hours helping us revitalize our campus so that our families can enjoy it now and for years to come. 

Since our vast “todo” list for the new school was winding down, I thought it would be a great blessing for Jack to revisit the idea of adopting a puppy. He dearly loved the sweet dog we lost to cancer, and I knew having new life in our home would be a huge blessing to him. We began searching all over the country for a labradoodle, only to find that the waiting list ranged from 1-2 years. So, we did what we always do when we hit a roadblock, we began to pray.  

God has been so good to remind us over and over again how powerful prayer is, and this time wasn’t any different. A couple of weeks ago we found a puppy in another state that we fell in love with. But then, we discovered that there were 1200 other people on the waiting list as well. Once again, we prayed. The very next morning we received a phone call and the owner of the puppy told us, “If you still want her, she’s yours.” Immediately we rejoiced in this miraculous answer to prayer. 1200 on the waiting list was a huge hurdle…..But God!! 

I shared in chapel last week how much God cares for us even in the little things. He cares when our hearts long for something as simple as a dog. Our heart desires matter to His heart. Then I shared with them about God’s answer to pray regarding our puppy. I told them that it would be a joy to share our blessing with them when we got her. 

This week Jack and I had the privilege of sharing our 8 week old puppy, Mocha. Her name was recommended to us by one of our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Thurman. I reminded the kids when I shared her, that our God hears our prayers and He is so faithful even when we don’t always understand His answer. 

I hope that this little story of His goodness speaks to your heart today. Whatever you are going through, as parents, at work or at home, just remember, God loves you. He is good and trustworthy in all circumstances. We are praying for you and standing with you in the Lord.

Your partner in Christ,

Karen Winter
HCS Head of School
New 2nd Grade Teacher

We want to welcome our new 2nd grade teacher Heather Burch.

In order to accommodate our growth and adhere to our COVID cohort standards, we are excited to be adding an additional second grade teacher to our staff. Heather Burch has a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling as well as a Bachelors degree in both Psychology and Child Development- Early Education. She came to us highly recommended. She has 18 years of teaching experience as well as two years of administrative experience at a local church. She created and taught a personalized class management system, acted as a Grade- Level Chair, was a science lead and led professional development in writing at her previous school. 

In one of her reference letters it was stated, “Heather is a person of godly character and integrity. She has a heart for all people and especially for children of all ages. She has a desire to raise up the next generation with godly virtues and values and instill in them sound biblical truth about themselves so that they are better prepared to face the world around them.”

Her former principal stated, “Heather Burch is extremely dedicated to her students and her craft. She works tirelessly to scaffold lessons in order to meet the individual needs of her students. She taught intervention for 1st thru 5th grades, was a grade level representative on our Local School Leadership Council, as well as Student Success Team Coordinator.”

We feel blessed to have Mrs. Burch as part of our Hillcrest family.
New Resource Specialist and Educational Support

We are pleased to welcome our new resource specialist, Cindy Galvez to our staff. Cindy comes to us with 13 years of experience helping teachers to differentiate learning and has focused on helping each student she has worked with to become successful. She has a Masters of Science in Special Education, a Bachelors of Art in English, and she has a Mild to Moderate Special Education Teaching Credential for ages 5-22. Cindy will be coordinating IEPs for elementary and will help support the learning needs throughout the school.
We have intentionally staggered school dismissal times accordingly to create an easy flow for after school pick-up. However many of our elementary parents are arriving much too early causing a "Stop & Wait" effect, rather than our much needed "Pick-Up & Go!" flow.
Elementary Parents, please arrive NO EARLIER THAN 5 minutes to pick up your elementary student!! Those who have both secondary and elementary students should also arrive closer to 3PM, this should help out tremendously with our traffic situation after school.
Thank you for you cooperation!
Monthly Coffee & Fellowship
Preschool - 12th Grade ALL PARENTS WELCOME!

THIS Friday, October 2nd at 8:00am - 9:30am
in the Main HCS Breezeway

Upcoming Kindergarten Activities
You may be able to help...

Dear HCS Families,
One of our teachers is currently without a vehicle and is desperately looking for something reliable to make the commute back and forth from Camarillo each day. If you, or someone you know, has a "no-longer-needed" car that you'd be willing to part with, (for an affordable purchasing price) please contact our Secondary Math/Spanish teacher, Ms. Osbelia Dueñas.
Text or call: (805)868-4933 | Email: oduenas@hillcrestcs.org
Thank you, your help and generosity is greatly appreciated!
We are still in need of Recess / Lunch Duty Volunteers!! Please click the Sign-Up Genius icon to find a date and time that best fits your schedule. Reminder, each family is expected to take at least one duty each month.
Please direct all questions to our HCS Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Wetherhold! Call or text at:
(805) 587-5633 OR Melissa.Wetherhold@gmail.com

5th Grade Science
Mushroom Prints
Growing Mold
Growing Bean Seeds
Hillcrest Christian
449 East Wilbur Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Hillcrest Christian
449 East Wilbur Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

If you have any questions about this correspondence or need more information, please contact Dawn Sharifi at dsharifi@hillcrestcs.org (805-497-7501, ext 1002)