HIRA Calls on Governor Ige to
Fire Attorney General Doug Chin 

Aloha Republicans:

While the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) remains silent on yet another consequential issue in 2017 ( as it has done for decades), the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) has explicitly called for the firing of Democrat Attorney General Doug Chin. The top law enforcement officer in the State of Hawaii has been systematically perverting justice and abusing his office by pursuing a reckless agenda that puts Hawaii's safety at risk.

To most people with common sense, it was immediately obvious that Governor Ige's attorney general was out of touch with reality when Doug Chin made it his office's top priority to ease the path of Middle Eastern citizens into the United States as if he's been living in a cave in Afghanistan for the past twenty years; recklessly unaware of the acts of terror committed by radical Islamist terrorists based in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Suing newly-elected President Trump is a partisan misuse of the office of attorney general representing the clear pursuit of Chin's liberal agenda rather pursuing than the safety of hardworking Hawaii residents who fund the paychecks of Doug Chin and everyone in his office.

KABOOM: Newly released information should make it apparent to even those who lack common sense that something is very wrong. Doug Chin has just committed an unlimited sum of your tax money to hire an Al Qaeda defense lawyer to pursue the lawsuit against our president's new and sorely needed extreme vetting policy. Yes, Hawaii Democrats have hired a radical, left-wing terrorist defense attorney with local tax dollars to make it easier for Middle Easterners to come to our islands at a time when our law enforcement agencies and social services are already spread thin and while the jihad against America rages on.

Neal Katyal, the attorney just hired by Doug Chin to prevent Trump's 90-day suspension on visa issuance to U.S.-bound travelers from six countries where terrorism remains a heightened concern ( and to oppose Trump's extreme vetting program of Middle Eastern travelers to Hawaii) was -- are you sitting down? -- the defense lawyer for a Guantanamo-held associate of Osama bin Laden!!

You see, following the U.S. armed forces' post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, a man named Salim Ahmed Hamdan was captured in southern Afghanistan on November 24, 2001. According to documents obtained by the Associated Press, he was captured in a car with four other alleged al-Qaeda associates, including Osama bin laden's son-in-law. Three of the men were killed in a firefight with Afghan forces. The Afghans turned over Hamdan and the other surviving associate in the car to U.S. forces. Initially held in Afghanistan, he was transferred to the new Guantanamo Bay detention camp in 2002.

Well, Doug Chin's new lawyer for hire, Neal Katyal, sued the U.S. government in 2006 on behalf of Osama Bin Laden's bodyguard and driver in the landmark legal case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. In Katyal's arguments, he made several questionable arguments, including equating the criminal justice rights of legal U.S. green card holders to captured foreign al Qaeda terrorists under the military commission system at the time.

Yes, Doug Chin's new taxpayer-funded lawyer ( the guy now suing Trump on Hawaii's behalf) got Al Queda enemy combatant Salim Ahmed Hamdan --  Osama bin Laden's bodyguard and driver --released from Guantanamo and sent to Yemen despite being 
convicted of providing material support for terrorism and being captured in Afghanistan possessing two shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles .

The case made Chin's lawyer buddy Katyal a hero to liberals nationwide. So, naturally, he was recruited by the liberal Obama administration where Katyal become acting solicitor general of the United States.

As HIRA maintains, Doug Chin does NOT care who enters Hawaii, he opposes extreme vetting of Middle Eastern travelers to Hawaii, and he is pursuing a liberal agenda which puts the people of Hawaii at risk. Yet, he remains Democrat governor David Ige's choice to be Hawaii's top law enforcement officer.   And the Hawaii GOP remains silent.

Click HERE to read the classified detainee assessment of Salim Ahmed Hamdan. It is disgusting to think that our Attorney General Doug Chin and Al Queda's attorney Neal Katyal think Hamdan is the kind of person who deserves "rights" in America.  No wonder they oppose Trump's policy of extreme vetting.   Radical progressives like Chin and Katyal are putting Hawaii and the rest of our country in danger.

With friends like these, who needs enemies. Doug Chin needs to be fired as a sign to the people of Hawaii that Governor Ige has not completely lost his mind.   Please s peak out wherever you can to help put pressure on Ige to get rid of Doug Chin and replace him quickly with someone who will be a 24/7 advocate for the safety and security of the people of the State of Hawaii.
Also, please ask yourself why the Hawaii Republican Party has remained silent on issue after issue after issue. Silent on Doug Chin. Silent on extreme vetting. Silent on taxes. Silent on wasteful spending. Silent on social issues. Silent on economic issues. Silent on failed Democrat policies and silent about the suffering these cause.

Thanks to the closet Democrats and RINO's who control the Hawaii GOP, it's no wonder local voters don't think Republicans offer anything different than Democrats when they vote every two years.

Hawaii Deserves Better.  Please join HIRA today and let's change Hawaii tomorrow.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC 

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