Elections Have Consequences:
HIRA Denounces Democrat Doug Chin's Phony Cries of "Racism" 

Aloha Republicans:

Unlike the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP, the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) refuses to allow Hawaii's attorney general Doug Chin's insane comments and actions go challenged.

Democrat Chin says that protecting Hawaii and our nation with enhanced background checks is "racist".  Well, for those of us who want to prevent a San Bernardino workplace shooting or a Boston Marathon bombing from happening in the Aloha State, we don't believe it is 'racist' to apply extra scrutiny to travelers from the most dangerous parts of the world.

Anybody paying attention to what's been happening in Europe -- where politically-correct, progressive 'open borders' politicians like Doug Chin have allowed extremest violence to get out of control -- knows that failing to scrutinize visitors and refugees and immigrants is a TERRIBLE idea.

Anyway, it's been another week of inexcusable silence from the Hellreich and Oahu League-controlled Hawaii GOP about what local Democrats have been doing to undercut our homeland's security.

But HIRA will not be silent.  Our newest 1-minute video exposing the insanity of David Ige's appointee Doug Chin -- published only yesterday -- has already been viewed by 6,000 people.  It's our goal to ensure that ten times that many voters exposed to this important message.   Here's that video . . .

Please click on the video above and take a look for yourself.  An overwhelming majority of responses in the past 24 hours have been positive.  HIRA knows that voters really want to hear from Republicans in Hawaii . . . and not just from brave GOP candidates a few weeks before an election.  We need to dialogue with voters 24/7/365.

Yes, our party should be leading the way, but party officers oppose taking stands on issues or providing any leadership at all.  That's why HIRA was formed.   Democrats are on the wrong side of every issue, and  HIRA plans to wake up the people of Hawaii even if the Hawaii GOP doesn't want to .

RINO's, liberals and closet Democrats who've hijacked the Hawaii GOP even used stolen funds from the party's own donors to hire a local Democrat union lawyer to shut HIRA down.  Why?   To prevent real Republicans from having a voice and to let Democrats keep winning the battle for the hearts and minds of Hawaii voters.  Well, the RINO's failed and HIRA is moving full speed ahead to educate and persuade voters about the reasons why they need to elect Republicans.  

Hawaii Deserves Better.  With your support, HIRA can hasten the day when Republicans are the majority party in Hawaii.  So please join HIRA today and let's change Hawaii tomorrow.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC 

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