Questions from Readers about
Tomorrow's State GOP Convention
in Beautiful, Downtown Waipahu 

Q:        Hey there HIRA, I'm a delegate to tomorrow's Waipahu state convention of the Hawaii GOP?  I'm not one of those delegates who was appointed by party insiders to keep control.  I actually showed up at my precinct caucus in February and got elected as a delegate.  I really care about how I'll be voting tomorrow because I care about the direction of our party.  What advice does HIRA have about which way to vote on the candidates for party officers?
A:         Thanks for asking.  There are two party officer positions being voted on tomorrow -- "National Committeewoman" (NCW) and "National Committeeman" (NCM).  Along with our state chair, these two people represent Hawaii's Republican Party at the national level along with the three representatives from the other 49 state parties plus the parties in some U.S. territories.  At tomorrow's convention, there are two candidates for each of these four-year positions; a party-favored RINO versus a more conservative candidate.  Here's some quick information on each candidate.
  • Miriam Hellreich - "The Destroyer"
    The far worse choice for the four-year post of NCW is clearly Hellreich, who has led HRP into the abyss with a shell of a party virtually unrecognizable as "Republican".  Hellreich has led the destruction of our party because her fixation on having power and control always outweighs everything else.  The Hawaii GOP is her toy and she only lets you play with it if you promise to always remember that she owns it.  She even supports Fritz Rohlfing's appointment of Jack James (perennial candidate Jaci Agustin's campaign manager) to lead the official witch hunt to investigate and crack down on GOP members who believe they deserve to know what happens behind closed doors at party meetings.  A fiscal liberal and a social liberal, Hellreich has spent years deciding who gets to be a party officer and how weak our party needs to remain so she can feel like a big fish in a small pond.  She fails to understand that after her decades-long hold on our party, the 'pond' should be much, much bigger by now, rather than on the verge of collapse and complete irrelevance.  Miriam Hellreich needs to go.
  • Mary Smart - "The Well-Meaning Enabler"
    While Smart makes the better choice as a self-described conservative, she exhibits highly questionable judgement, such as financially supporting the RINO campaigns of liberal tax-n-spend politicians such as closet Democrats Beth Fukumoto, Kym Pine, and Aaron "Ling" Johanson.  Smart also knowingly funded and personally approved Fritz Rohlfing's reprehensible legal threats to silence conservatives by suing HIRA.  After three months as party treasurer, Smart is bailing on that full-time responsibility to challenge longtime HRP matriarch Hellreich for ideological control of the party as NCW.  It's self-evident that Smart's conservatism trumps Hellreich's liberalism since our party has completely lost its way.  And, in a glimmer of hope, there was a brief moment when Smart spoke out against the neutral platform that RINO's were trying to have our party adopt six years ago.  In fact, several years ago, Smart funded HIRA and our powerful statewide radio campaign to preserve traditional marriage.  It's just too bad that Smart cozied up to liberals while alienating the very conservatives she claims to represent.  For political junkies, it will be interesting to see if Smart's 'under the radar' approach to campaigning for this position will pay off.
  • Gene Ward - "The Useless Celebrity RINO"
    Ward has stood by for decades and watched the Hawaii GOP burn itself to the ground; offering no assistance except to pour fuel on the fire.  An opportunist by nature, Ward pretends to be conservative when convenient, but his sorry voting records reveals that he usually goes along with Democrats, such as their bloated state budgets, debt-incurring government employee giveaways, and economy-dragging minimum wage increases.  Ward is infamous for enthusiastically supporting the multi-multi-million dollar trainwreck known as the Hawaii Obamacare Connector Exchange, which has harmed Hawaii jobs and the economy immeasurably.  Ward also voted to turn Hawaii into a 'Sanctuary State' by giving driver's licenses to tens of thousands of job-stealing illegal aliens in Hawaii so they could legally drive to/from work at jobs which were taken from law-abiding Americans.  Ward's brand new literature for his campaign for this national committeeman position claims he wants to help fund candidates.  But he is famous for freeloading at other candidate's fundraisers and simply hasn't bothered raising money for others over the years; just himself.  His additional promise of 'bringing home the bacon' from the national party in D.C. rings hollow, since he's had decades in public life to push for this (but hasn't).  Let it suffice to say that there are less Republicans in the State House today than while Ward was Republican leader.  He might be a household name among Republicans at convention.  But RINO Ward blew his chance and blew it for Republicans by being a highly self-interested and disappointingly lackluster partisan.
  • Danny de Gracia - "The Conservative"
    De Gracia actually believes in conservative values, reforms and policy solutions.  He also understands our enemy - Local and National Democrats -- while being fully committed to transforming the Hawaii GOP into an activist party that takes on the Democrats and their agenda all year long; and a party which attracts candidates and helps them to get elected, rather than throwing these brave men and women to the wolves while GOP incumbents also get beaten.
If you don't like the direction our party has been going, Smart and de Gracia will certainly turn the steering wheel and step on the gas pedal.  The election of Hellreich and Ward will be seen as a mandate to remain the useless RINO party of silence, neutrality, decline, and 'Democrat lite'.  Delegates (meaning party members) really do control the fate of our party in 2016 and beyond.  Hopefully, delegates to the state convention will embrace the more positive direction.
Q:        Aloha HIRA.  Since this is an election year, aren't we supposed to be voting at convention tomorrow on the state party's official platform which unites us against Democrats during the next six months?
A:         Yes, our party's official platform is up for a vote tomorrow.  Sadly, party leaders manipulated the process over the past few months to rig the outcome.  The exact same LLIFE platform which is completely neutral on all issues facing Hawaii and the nation is the only option for a platform that party officers will give you tomorrow.  And, yes, it's the same one-page collection of drivel that the party has adopted (and voters rejected) in 2010, 2012, 2014.  Sure, a platform is supposed to be a well thought out and inspiring blueprint for how Republicans would govern differently than Democrats.  And, sure, the platform is supposed to reflect the party membership's policy ambitions.  But Fritz Rohlfing put fellow liberal and LLIFE fanatic Mark Moses in charge of the platform committee again this year.  And since current party leaders don't really have differences with Democrats that they care about enough to shout from the rooftops about, our platform sends the muddled message to voters that we don't really care about anything except getting elected.
Hypothetically, if Hawaii's vague and noncommittal LLIFE platform were to be proposed as the new national platform in Cleveland two months from now, there would be a week-long riot.  Why?  Because you don't answer the question "What would Republicans do?" with "We don't know, we haven't thought about it, we don't really care, and what the Democrats are doing is just fine.  No complaints or suggestions here."  In the next week or so, HIRA will publish a proposed platform which is anything but neutral and which party leaders have rejected out of hand.  With RINO's Rohlfing and Moses and Saiki (watch her video on the topic HERE) in charge of our party, a serious Republican platform and political messaging and policy proposals and substantive reforms would never be embraced.  Democrats are not losing any sleep.  [ In addition to the neutral platform tomorrow, we've heard that there will also ten or so 'resolutions' to be voted on which party leaders didn't bother to share with you in advance so that, God forbid, you might read them prior to showing up at conventionThese party leaders will take your money, but they won't give you much service in return.]
Q:        You know HIRA, I've been hearing an awful lot about proposed "party rules changes" that we might be voting on tomorrow.  But I haven't heard a single thing in advance of the convention from the Hawaii GOP.  Is it true that they want to cancel next year's state convention so they can keep current party in officers through the 2018 election year? 
A:         Yes, it sure it true.  It stinks to high heaven.  That's why they haven't told you their plans in advance.  So they'll surely present some 'smooth talking'  rationale with a unified front to hide the stink factor.  For more exclusive details from HIRA, read HERE.  It speaks volumes that out of 51 members of the party's rules committee, only a tiny handful played any part in pushing through these rule changes.  Six Beth Fukumoto supporters were able to pass these changes in committee at party headquarters while the other more than 40 members (the rest of the full 51) were not involved in this sham.  In fact, the half-dozen participants (mostly RINO's plus a couple of enablers like Mary Smart) embraced the idea that the same people destroying our party in 2016 will still be destroying our party in 2018 -- both of which are election years, mind you.
The bottom line, the proposed rule change to eliminate annual state conventions and establish "Biennial Conventions" are simply a sneaky ruse to cancel next year's party elections.  The RINO's want to keep power for another year.  That means instead of electing new party officers 18 months before the 2018 general election, new officers will be elected that year and only have six months to pull off a miracle.  And judging from the terrible job by Team Rohlfing and Team Hellreich, a "miracle" will be needed to keep from losing GOP seats at the State Capitol in both 2016 and 2018.  It is dumb politics to postpone the election of party officers so that any change comes a mere five months before a general election.  Instead, it would be politically wise to continue having minority Republicans get together at convention at least once a year to show the media and public and our members that this party is active.  Vote NO on biennial state conventions and every other proposed rule change from the RINO's.
If the truth has the ability to set us free, today's responses in HIRA's Mailbag represents some hard truth for our fellow Republicans.  Best wishes to the delegates and alternates attending the state party's convention tomorrow.  Beware of the Kool-Aid being passed out.  A single day of terrible votes could be the Republican 'Jonestown' that poisons the future of the Hawaii GOP for years to come.  On the other hand, tomorrow could bring a brighter future for the Republican Party of Hawaii.  Godspeed!

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