RINO Emperor Fritz Rohlfing OVERTURNS County GOP Elections 

Aloha Republicans:

Nearly EVERY officer of the newly-elected Honolulu GOP county executive committee got fired this past Wednesday night by "Fritzy Boy" Rohlfing, RINO Gangsta -- a hatchetman and thug ambulance chaser who'll never be appointed as a federal judge or even hired as a meter maid in his sad lifetime, especially after being the worst chairman of the Hawaii GOP in all of history .

Yes, nearly everyone in this photo posted on the Hawaii GOP's Facebook page by Rohlfing's own people three weeks ago is now OUT OF A JOB.  Most of these volunteers were thrown out onto the street by RINO operative Rohlfing and his twisted and power-hungry Ward-Tupola RINO cabal.  [ If you don't believe these guys/gals are RINO's, you didn't read our last newsletter .]

Now, you tell us.  Could HIRA have made a more accurate prediction?

Immediately after the Honolulu GOP's county convention three weeks ago, HIRA wrote and published the following prophetic words :

"Mark HIRA's words :   Don't be surprised if RINO's act just like unhinged Hillary supporters who still can't believe that Donald Trump won.  In fact, don't put it past RINO snowflakes to attempt to overturn the election of newly-elected conservative GOP leader Brett Kulbis .  HIRA hopes otherwise and wants the highly competent and very committed Kulbis and his new county team to be successful.  Look, 148 days since the last general election have already been wasted.  And the Hawaii GOP only has 580 days left until the 2018 election.  On Election Day, ask any losing GOP candidate in Hawaii if he or she wished there could have been 148 more days to campaign."

In what is now being called the " Wednesday Night Massacre ", that is EXACTLY what happened.  Yet it's even worse than HIRA predicted.

The RINO empire struck back .  Lord Darth Rohlfing of the Evil RINO Empire of Do-Nothing, Fair Weather Republican Phonies which helps Democrats stay in office -- through maintaining a state party leadership replete with silence, neutrality, corruption and incompetence -- actually OVERTURNED THE ELECTIONS OF NEARLY EVERY COUNTY OFFICER VOTED IN AT THE COUNTY CONVENTION.

Mela Kealoha-Lindsey - FIRED
Matt Darnell - FIRED
Dennis Kim - FIRED
Eric Dads - FIRED
Brett Kulbis - FIRED
Marissa Kerns - FIRED

Fritzy Boy is burning down the Hawaii GOP -- politically, financially, organizationally, legally and in every other possible way -- as Republicans get ready to kick his sorry RINO ass out the door in a few weeks.  Let it be remembered that Fritz Rohlfing stood right there and watched the entire county convention take place just a few feet from the stage.  Rohlfing was in attendance along with a Who's Who of GOP VIP's, including RINO Gene Ward who votes 76% of the time with Democrats.  In fact, Gene Ward actually ran the convention .  But neither Ward nor Rohlfing expressed any problem with the elections.  But obviously, they were NOT happy with the outcome; which is why their cabal engineered this nullification weeks later.

Among those who reportedly believe Fritz Rohlfing is completely off his rocker are Andrew Walden , Rohlfing's own appointed chairman of the Hawaii GOP's Rules Committee.  Not only did Walden tell Rohlfing to NOT mess with these elections before the Wednesday Night Massacre, Walden has been letting folks all around the party know about his opposition to Rohlfing in the days since then .  In fact, Walden is even actively advising folks about how to OVERTURN Rohlfing's psychopathic nullification of the county elections.

Also, the party official in charge of the overseeing the county convention's elections, "Big Mike" Palcic immediately sent a scathing e-mail in response to "impotent", "beyond useless" "fake chairman" Rohlfing's "feeble" and "deplorable action" and his "unconscionable decision" and that Fritzy Boy's "pathetic" ruling of "pseudo lawyerly lingo" is "wholly wrong".  HIRA cannot help but agree with Palcic's take:  "(Fritz) is just another Beth Fukumoto, David Chang, Aaron Johanson USER of the GOP for his own selfish ends." Finally, somebody on the inside who calls it like it is.

Even the guy who lost to Brett Kulbis knows this is total B.S.   Boyd Ready has unequivocally said he won't support this election challenge and respects the vote which put Brett Kulbis in office.  In fact, Ready says he supports putting each and every one of these officers back into their positions this Saturday ( tomorrow ) at an already scheduled meeting of the Honolulu GOP's county committee, which is comprised of several dozen party leaders across Oahu.  [ The meeting is reportedly scheduled at 10am at Hawaii GOP's inconveniently located and overpriced Kapiolani state headquarters .]
In a political party full of backstabbing RINO's --
including the sinister, self-serving miscreants who pushed a willing Rohlfing to overturn the outcome of the county GOP elections -- there is simply no guarantee that these volunteer party officers will get to resume their duties tomorrow or ever ; notwithstanding the fact that they were the highest vote-getters at the contested county election.  Competing agendas, fighting factions, lots of moving parts, and litigious ambulance-chasing thugs like Fritz make it possible for the wrong people mess things up at the Hawaii GOP.  Let's hope that this mess can be cleaned up quickly.

BOTTOM LINE #1 :   State Party Leaders are Corrupt - From the Kapiolani Headquarters to the State Capitol.  These RINO snowflakes got triggered by the election of a solid team to lead the Honolulu county party.  Instead of raising money, selling fundraising tickets, attacking Democrats, organizing Republicans, or doing anything useful, Rohlfing and his corruptniks FIRED a half dozen volunteers who were were actually doing the work of the party while Fritz was helping his cabal cheat in the caucuses in preparation for the improperly located, rule-violating, Kauai convention (which doesn't bother Fritzy Boy in the least).
BOTTOM LINE #2 :   HIRA's prediction was 100% accurate .  The empire did strike back.  After being completely useless for his entire term (which saw the defeat of Slom and Pouha and the defections of Pine, Fukumoto, and Couch -- not to mention the mass defeat of each and every GOP challenger in 2016 ), Rohlfing's Tupola gang struck out at the new Oahu County leadership with a petulant, ill-advised nullification of their elections.  Rohlfing and his cabal said nothing was wrong the night of the county convention. Strangely enough, Rohlfing now believes retroactively that he was witness to a complete travesty in violation of party rules.  Crooked Fritz is like the witness who completely changes his story on the witness stand, leaving us wondering who got to him. Obviously, the incumbent GOP legislators who vote nearly all the time with Democrats are afraid that their days of faking their way through life as faux Republicans is numbered.

BOTTOM LINE #3 :   Rohlfing and his Crooked Friends are trying to keep control of the Hawaii GOP.   HIRA is sitting on a LOT of additional details about who is involved with this plot to overthrow the county leaders.  From a Lanai-born former 80's beauty pageant contestant in Aiea to an Andria Tupola flunkie in Gene Ward's district, to Gene Ward and Bob McDermott's offices at the State Capitol and more miscreants than you can shake a stick at, this attempt for Rohlfing and Tupola to consolidate power runs deep.  Someone's girlfriend, a real cock roach , was given a pre-written complaint to pretend to submit to Rohlfing as her own -- an election challenge which has resulted in all this havoc of overturning elections because the Rohlfing/Tupola faction didn't like the outcome.

BOTTOM LINE #4 :  A longtime RINO douche on Maui named Greg Lussier ALSO filed a challenge to the elections of these Oahu volunteers at the Honolulu County Convention.  Yes, the newly-elected Maui county chair, "Mr. Positivity" Lussier, went out of his way to undermine the Oahu county GOP team from his perch in the donkey cage at the Maui Zoo.  Usually, Lussier is reportedly too busy purging conservatives from the Maui GOP so that Maui can remain free of elected Republicans in government.  Great job, Greg Lussier.   Maui RINO's have been instrumental for decades in helping to keep the Hawaii GOP weak and worthless .  It's almost a comfort to know that nothing has changed under longtime RINO windbag Lussier , who pretends to be 'positive' while stabbing fellow Republicans in the back for the Rohlfing/Tupola team.  What a stupid way to encourage unity and positivity before the state convention.  If you know anything about Lussier and his RINO team of duplicitous backstabbers and liberal operatives, Democrats on Maui have nothing to worry about in 2018.

Finally, the Rohlfing/Ward/Tupola gang is determined to destroy the Hawaii GOP from the inside .  HIRA will have even more disturbing news to report next week about this.

But for now, let's simply reflect this weekend on the lessons to be learned from this hideous and entirely unnecessary scandal of the "Wednesday Night Massacre" -- a shameless and destructive power grab by the most incompetent and corrupt party chairman the Hawaii GOP has ever known.  NO MORE RINO'S.


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