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We are requesting all HIRN Members to please complete a brief survey providing us your availability for the HIRN 2020 Annual Investigator Meeting at the Marriott Bethesda North (in Bethesda, MD)
Get to know our CTAR Projects

Contact PI : Hiroyuki Nakai, PhD
Oregon Health and Science University (U01 DK123608)

Project Summary : The goal of this project is to develop a novel AAV gene therapy approach to treat type I diabetes by delivering genetic payloads to the pancreas via the pancreatic ducts.
Contact PI : Bridget Wagner, PhD
Broad Institute (U01 DK123717)
Project Summary : We aim to develop a platform for chemical screening in human beta cells, to determine the best cell system for screening, and to identify new compounds to improve beta-cell biology.  

Contact PI : Feroz Papa, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco (U01 DK123609)

Project Summary : Our labs are designing new drugs for type 1 diabetes that work by preventing the premature death of stressed insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells.

Contact PI : Seung Kim, PhD
Stanford University (U01 DK123743)

Project Summary : We are using a cell-targeting approach in studies aiming to achieve protection of islets in diabetes.
NIH HIRN Requests for Applications (RFAs)

RFA-DK-19-024 Discovery of Early Type 1 Diabetes Disease Processes in the Human Pancreas [HIRN Consortium on Beta Cell Death and Survival (CBDS)] (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • Application Due Date: April 1, 2020
  • Foreign applications allowed
NIH Requests for Applications (RFAs)

RFA-DK-19-026 New Investigator Gateway Awards for Collaborative T1D Research (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • Application due dates: March 25, 2020 and November 3, 2020 
  • Foreign applications not allowed

RFA-DK-19-027 Support for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) to Develop New Technologies for Development and Integration of Novel Components for Open and Closed Loop Hormone Replacement Platforms for T1D Therapy (R43/R44 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • Application due dates: April 9, 2020 and October 3, 2020 
  • Foreign applications not allowed

F31 PAR-19-378 : Bioinformatics Interdisciplinary Predoctoral Fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases  
  • Application Due Date:  Standard dates apply 
  • Foreign applications allowed

F32 PAR-19-379 : Bioinformatics Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases 
  • Application Due Date:  Standard dates apply 
  • Foreign applications allowed

RFA-PAR-18-886 : New Par adigms in Tissue Communication-from mediators to metabolic function (RC2 Clinical Trials Optional)
  • Letter of Intent due: Six weeks prior to application due date
  • Application due dates: October 31, 2019; June 2, 2020
  • Foreign applications are not allowed
NIH Notice of Special Interest (NOSI)

NOT-RM-20-003 Availability of Administrative Supplements to Accelerate Dissemination of Emerging Glycoscience Tools through Collaborations Between Developers and Early Adopters
  • Application Due Date: February 11, 2020
  • Foreign applications allowed
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Job Openings with Funding Agencies
Program Administrator

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is seeking a Program Administrator to become an essential member of the Core Program Team(s) (CPT) and charged with ensuring an administrative perspective is fully represented at the team level when rendering governance decisions around project-level reports and modifications. The Program Administrator operates with great latitude in a matrix team structure to ensure all program-related projects are administrated uniformly and in accordance with best practices. Their primary charge is to exercise discretion to oversee a portfolio of grants within JDRF Priority Area Program(s).
Associate Program Officer

The Helmsley Charitable Trust seeks an Associate Program Officer who will work closely with the T1D Program Officers within an evolving grant portfolio that aims to identify biomedical interventions to delay and prevent the disease. The Associate Program Officer will be responsible for substantive programmatic support of the following: review and response to scientific proposals, due diligence tasks for potential grants, managing and writing grant recommendations, monitoring the progress of existing grantees, and research in support of new strategy development.
Program Directors

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) is seeking a Clinical Health Psychologist to lead a program of behavioral research on diabetes within the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases (DDEM). The DDEM supports and provides leadership for research on the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, as well as other endocrine and metabolic diseases.

The NIDDK is seeking a Ph.D.- level scientist to lead a program of research on the neurobiology of energy balance and metabolic diseases within the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases (DDEM). The DDEM supports and provides leadership for research on the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, as well as other endocrine and metabolic diseases.

Physician to Oversee Diabetes Clinical Studies
The NIDDK at the NIH is seeking a talented Physician (M.D. or equivalent) with expertise relevant to type 1 and/or type 2 diabetes research to manage clinical studies and trials related to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications. This position offers unique and exciting opportunities to provide scientific leadership and to administer grants in support of diabetes research in the US.

Job Openings in Research & Academia
Faculty Position

The Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine,  University of Florida Diabetes Institute  is seeking creative and highly motivated individuals for the position of Postdoctoral Associate under the direction of Dr. Todd Brusko. The Postdoc will be engaged in studying novel pathways regulating the differentiation and pathogenicity of T cells, the function of regulatory T cell biology in autoimmunity.
Faculty Position

The  Lilly Diabetes Center of Excellence (LDCE)  at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) is recruiting promising young investigators to start their own independent laboratories under excellent research conditions. The LDCE is recruiting high-potential Principal Investigators (PIs) at the IBRI in Indianapolis, Ind., who are interested in pancreatic beta cell research, particularly related to iPSC-derived beta cells and the crosstalk between beta cells and the immune system in type 1 diabetes (T1D). 
Faculty Positions

The  Diabetes Center of Excellence at the University of Massachusetts Medical School  invites applications for a SENIOR TENURED or JUNIOR TENURE-TRACK basic science or clinical investigator faculty position. The position will be highly competitive with regard to start-up funds, laboratory space (if needed) and salary. The Center seeks an individual of outstanding research potential relating to diabetes pathophysiology or treatment. 
Faculty Positions

The  University of California, San Diego   Department of Pediatrics is recruiting two tenure track faculty positions. An Associate or Full position in the area of basic biology of diabetes and metabolic disease. This is broadly interpreted to include individuals in the fields of cell biology, stem cells, immunology, genetics, or bioengineering, interested in studying disease-relevant mechanisms.

An Assistant position in the area of basic biology of diabetes and metabolic disease. This is broadly interpreted to include individuals in the fields of cell biology, stem cells, immunology, genetics, or bioengineering, interested in studying disease-relevant mechanisms.
Assistant & Associate Member
The Diabetes Clinical Research Program (DCRP) at  Benaroya Research Institute  seeks to recruit outstanding applicants for a new faculty position. The appointment will be at the at the assistant, associate or full member level, commensurate with experience, training and achievement.
The  University of Miami Miller School of Medicine  Department of of Microbiology and Immunology is accepting applications for Assistant and Associate Professor level for investigators with research interests related to immunotherapy of cancer, autoimmunity, or infectious diseases. Applicants should have a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent, at least 3 years of postdoctoral training.
Postdoctoral Position

The Department of Molecular & Medical Genetics at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic post-doctoral fellow to study adeno-associated virus (AAV) and its application for human gene therapy in the lab led by Professor Hiroyuki Nakai, M.D., Ph.D. Specifically, the lab is looking for a post-doctoral researcher who can lead productively a newly funded multi-PI (MPI) NIH project " U01DK123608 (MPIs: Nakai, Grompe and Kay): Gene Therapy for Diabetes, " where we seek to develop clinically relevant novel AAV vectors and methods for in vivo regeneration of insulin-secreting beta cells in rhesus macaques and profoundly understand the mechanisms behind the technologies. 
Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral position is available in the Stanger laboratory to study the pathogenesis of autoimmune diabetes using ex vivo models. The project will involve working within a team of bioengineers, stem cell biologists, and immunologists to understand autoimmune destruction of human beta cells. A background in immunity and/or beta cell biology is desirable.
Postdoctoral Position

We are looking for recent Ph.D to pursue a career in science and biotechnology at the intersection of immunology and aging. People trained in my lab pursue careers in academia, biotech start-ups, venture funds or consultants for large firms. The long-term goal of my research is to understand the role of tissue secretory senescent cells in diseases such as autoimmunity, diabetes and diseases of aging.
Interested in small-molecule discovery and modulating beta-cell phenotypes? The Wagner lab in the Chemical Biology & Therapeutics Science (CBTS) Program at the Broad Institute , is accepting applications for postdoctoral fellow positions. We are looking for researchers interested in studying small molecule-mediated beta-cell proliferation and insulin secretion.
Applications are invited for prospective Post-Doctoral Fellows to train at the Joslin Diabetes Center , Harvard Medical School. Applications are invited from qualified individuals with a PhD or MD or MD PhD degrees and interested in working in the Kulkarni Lab on projects focused on defining pathways and mechanisms that regulate pancreatic (endocrine and exocrine) biology and interrogating inter-organ cross talk in the overall maintenance of glucose homeostasis.
The Tang lab at UCSF is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join the efforts on optimizing beta cell replacement therapy in preclinical mouse models. 
Postdoctoral position in the Lab of Dr. Sangeeta Dhawan at the  Beckman Research Institute  at  City of Hope , in Los Angeles county, CA to study the epigenetic regulation of pancreatic beta cell mass. The candidate should have a PhD in molecular, cell, or developmental biology. Experience in genetic mouse models, islet biology, physiology, molecular biology, high throughput sequencing is desirable. 
Postdoctoral position in the Lab of Dr. Doris Stoffers in the   Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism  within the  Perelman School of Medicine  at the  University of Pennsylvania . A PhD is required; experience in genetic mouse models, islet physiology, advanced molecular techniques, high throughput sequencing methodologies and bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolomics is helpful. 
Postdoctoral Position
The  Lab of Dr. Abdelfattah El Ouaamari   at  Rutgers University/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is recruiting self-driven, creative and organized candidates with a PhD in neuroscience, biochemistry or molecular and cellular biology. The candidate must possess skills in manipulating and assessing neuronal activity.