Saturday 9 November was a big day for me, as it marked my 10 year anniversary as your CEO. The lovely team at HISA-HQ sent me a very cool poster and I had just opened a card from my dear friend Nigel who documented some of the key things HISA has achieved in the past decade.

As I found myself reflecting on the past 10 years, I received an email bearing the very sad news that Joan Edgecumbe had suddenly passed away the night before. For those of us around pre-2011, there was no HISA without Joan. Joan didn’t even need a last name, as her name was synonymous with HISA and with NIA.  Joan was one of the founders of HISA in the early 1990s and served as HISA’s Executive Officer and then Board Director for almost all of HISA’s history. She was a tireless advocate for health informatics and worked her butt off turning HISA from concept to reality. She would not shy from controversy but even those who had disagreements with Joan would acknowledge that she absolutely loved HISA. It was her world for many years and she cared deeply and passionately about building a community where health informatics would prosper and grow.

Joan could be loud and enjoyed a laugh and a celebration, so today Joan I pay tribute to you and all you gave to HISA, health informatics and nursing informatics. I will always be grateful that you trusted ‘your baby’ in my hands and I hope you are proud of how the community continues to prosper in your wake.

Here’s to you Joan! Xxx