Thanks to all who made last week's AGM a success. Congratulations to newly elected Board members: Leigh Donoghue , David Rowlands , Karen Gibson , and Joshua Sacks . They join existing Board members: David Hansen , Jen Bichel-Findlay , Kudzai Kanhutu and Trish Williams .
I'd like to acknowledge retiring board member John Lambert for his 2 years of service on the Board. You will be missed John.
And finally, a personal, big, gigantic thank you to Phil Robinson , retiring Treasurer who has served HISA as Treasurer for the majority of my time as CEO. Thank you, Phil, for your tireless commitment to HISA and for all the early mornings, late nights and weekend emails on all things governance and finance related. You've done so much and while the 'behind the scenes' work isn't visible to many, it has been critical to me and to our CFO. You've been a constant presence and helped HISA grow from $1.2M to a $3.5M organisation. Your guidance has been always helpful and always prescient. Thanks Phil. Xx