Digital health executives @HIC : With less than three weeks to go until HIC 2019 opens in Melbourne, this is a shout out to healthcare executives. At HISA we always say HIC has something for everyone in healthcare, wherever you are on your journey. This year we are offering executives and other leaders in healthcare more opportunities to connect and learn about the future of digital health. If you are a healthcare executive you are invited to the Digital Health Executive Forum on Saturday 10 August. The focus is on measuring digital health maturity within your organisations, something certain to resonate with engaged executives. (And after a challenging morning, you get to relax and enjoy the footy in a well-catered private room!)

There are also two dedicated workshops for executives during HIC which can be accessed with a day pass if you don’t have time to attend the entire conference. HIC is always evolving to meet the needs of the digital health community. I look forward to seeing you there!