The future of digital in good hands : I am pleased to introduce the new student network leaders who will be mapping out the HISA program to engender youth leadership in digital health across our community. They’re passionate about our mission and I know they will be warmly welcomed into the leadership group across HISA. The new committee is chaired by David Wang, from University of Melbourne, with Xuan (Charis) Xie and Dr Vasundhara Rani, also from the University of Melbourne; Milan Vaghasiya, from the University of Sydney and Urooj Raza Khan, from Charles Sturt University. Welcome on board! You can get to know the group at upcoming events and also at a special HIC 2019 workshop.
Also for students : We are looking for student volunteers for HIC 2019 in Melbourne 12-14 August to be part of our amazing and invaluable support crew which is sponsored this year by Ergotron. Find out how to get involved here .

HISA is in recruitment mode . One role is to join my executive team in the role of Workforce & Professional Advancement Director . This is a 'first' for Australia and I'm expecting many of you will relish the opportunity to help direct and support building digital health capability in our health workforce. See details below.

Finally, if you have not already had your say on the proposal to unite with ACHI and form a new organisation for digital health, please check out the consultation page and complete the online survey by 25 June . We want to hear your views.