Energising the branches : Welcome to the many HISA members who took on leadership roles in our branches at the recent AGMs : NSW , VIC , QLD , WA and SA . You provide HISA with a solid foundation for all of our work which is aimed at giving Australians better health wherever they are and enabling a workforce equipped to deliver healthcare in the digital age. Branch activities give HISA a face in the local community so members can connect, network and share information in the cities and regions they live and work.

The committees have a hugely important job tapping in to their local healthcare community and developing networks. You are our frontline: Thank you for being HISA leaders! We look forward to working with you in the future and I hope to see as many of you as possible at HIC 2019 which is only weeks away.

New organisation update:  The HISA Board met with the ACHI Council in Melbourne last week to discuss next steps around the proposal to form a new organisation for digital health and health informatics. Members will receive an email update as soon as some key timeframes have been agreed.