We’re now half way through our member consultation period on the ACHI-HISA proposal to form a new health informatics and digital health organisation for Australasia. Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey which is open until 25 June for your feedback. You don’t have to be a current member or fellow to take part in consultation. Everyone in the digital health community is invited to share their viewpoint.

We have been getting some great questions, especially around what a future organisation would look like. However, we want to hear what you think healthcare, and the Australian community, needs from us. All of this input will go towards shaping a proposed new entity.

The proposal to unite and form a new organisation can be downloaded here . The next face-to-face consultation event is in Perth on Thursday 30 May and the next webinar is Wednesday 5 June at 8am . You can stay updated on FAQ and events on HISA’s consultation page here or the ACHI page here .

On another note, HISA is recruiting for a new Partnerships & Accounts Manager to work with the many industry partners and corporate members who make our work possible. If you or someone you know is qualified and interested please get in touch.